Bani Ishq Da Kalma 13th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Bani Ishq Da Kalma 13th February 2014 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 13th February 2014 Written Update

Rajji complains to Bani about Sohum as he has become too over protective thesedays, and hence she doesn’t get a chance to talk to her. Bani tells her to thank God & soon she’ll realize that Sohum loves her very much. Rajji thinks that she doesn’t want to listen to her heart and hurt herself anymore. Anuradha interrupts their convo and Rajji turns around to find Sohum staring at her. Anuradha takes Bani to the window & there they see Parmeet pacing around anxiously. Rajji is stunned but somehow manages to ask Sohum why he’s here. He tells her he had to comeback and He gives her a pair of shoes. Sohum helps Rajji wear the shoes.

A worried Parmeet decides to use another tactic to convince Maya. Right then, Maya arrives and tells that she didn’t come

here because she’s scared of him. Its just that she felt that he’s in big trouble. Parmeet thanks Maya for helping him. Maya says she isn’t helping him, it’s a part of the deal. He needs to pay her for this & Parmeet readily agrees. Parmeet tells Maya that she’ll have to stay with him as Bani so that he can convince the cops that he hasn’t killed Bani. Maya’s maasi is stunned and Parmeet explains that Bani’s family blamed him for her death. If they see Maya with him then it’ll be proved that he didn’t kill his wife and after a month, Maya can return home. Maya asks what if he falls in trouble again after a month? Parmeet says he’ll tell the family regarding the differences between them and that finally the two of us decide to part ways. Thus she can return to Mumbai. Maya says it’s quite risky and hence she’ll charge more. Parmeet asks how much and Maya says 50 lakhs. Parmeet is stunned amd asks whether she has any idea of how much she’s charging. Maya reminds him that he agreed at whatever price she would charge. A defeated Parmeet finally agrees. Maasi tells Parmeet to pay an advance amount. Parmeet tells them that he doesn’t have any cash at the moment, however he will pay the amount later. Maya says she wont work without advance payment.
Manpreet is worried as Parmeet hasn’t been answering her calls. Raymon taunts Manpreet as Parmeet isn’t answering the call.Surjit tells her stay quiet. Balbeer also supports Raymon by saying that Parmeet only must have killed Bani. Manpreet prays for Parmeet to come back.

Parmeet is desperately trying to make arrangements for money but nothing seems to work out and he knows that Maya won’t even talk to him without the money. The cops assure Sarab and Desho that Parmeet will be arrested as soon as he returns & even if he doesn’t then the Mumbai police will arrest him. Sohum assures them that Parmeet will be punished, its just a matter of few days.

Anuradha says now they’ll just have to wait for Parmeet to arrive. Maya says what if he is not able to arrange for the money. Anuradha tells her not to worry she has thought of another plan as well. The doorbell rings and Parmeet arrives. He tells her that he couldn’t arrange for the money. Maya says nothing to wory about. Parmeet is relieved but then Maya tells that he can go to his village again. Parmet pleads Bani to come along as he doesn’t have much time. Maya doesn’t budge and says she will not do the work. Parmeet says he’ll pay her once he goes back to Punjab. Maya tells him to transfer one of his properties in her name. Pameet is furious while Maya smirks.

PRECAP- Maya asks Parmeet about Bani and he tells her that his wife was a characterless woman. She had numerous affairs and one of them must have killed her putting the blame on him.

Update Credit to: PristineSoul

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