Bani Ishq Da Kalma 13th August 2013 Written Episode Update


Bani Ishq Da Kalma 13th August 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 13th August 2013 Written Update

Nirvail:Rajji’s dad
Binder :Rajji’s mom
Sarabjeet:Bani’s dad
Desho: Bani’s mom
Jasi:Bani’s sister

Angad:Soham’s brother
Simran:soham’s bhabhi

Daarji:Parmeet’s grandfather
Manpreet:Bani’s MIL
Randeep: creepy bro in law
Gaganpreet: Randeep’s wife

Shefali was pretty good today. There some moments where the acting was just a bit wooden, but mostly she was spot on!

Bani throws the vase and Randeep does a duck, and vase goes flying behind him.
She runs and hides, while Randeep keeps looking for her. He keeps asking why she is running from him, and it wont look good if he has to force her!
Bani is hiding behind the sofa scared outta her


As Randeep wanders off to the side, Bani tries her phone again. On the other side Desho tries calling Bani, and because of that Bani cant get through , then landline starts to ring. Desho get’s worried since no one is piking the phone up, while Bani tries to crawl behind the sofa towards the phone. Randeep gets there and unplugs the phone but he doesn’t see her as she has moved from behind the sofa and he goes off in another direction. Desho tries Bani’s cellphone, just as Bani is trying to call her.
Desho looks worriedly at a sleeping Sarab.
Bani is hidden behind the pillar and Randeep comes back to the room calling her name. She calls Rajji and Rajji picks up! As Bani tries to tell Rajji to help her Randeep grabs her phone outta her hand, but Rajji has heard enough to freak out!
Soham is awake by now, and Rajji tells him Bani had sounded very scared and was speaking very softly and her phone suddenly shut off. Rajji says Bani has to be in some trouble. Soham tries calling Bani. Rajji says they must go immediately, but Soham tells her she should say and he will go . rajji tries to insist but he says it wont be proper

Rajji tell’s Soham to be careful and to also take care of Bani.
Desho is praying , scared that her daughter is in trouble. She asks VaiGuru (sorry if I spelled it wrong) that her daughter not be punished for her crimes. Randeep is dragging Bani, and she is crying, telling him she thinks of him as an older brother.He throws her to the sofa and yanks her dupatta off. Desho is praying and saying her daughter has never done anything wrong and has never thought of doing anything wrong either, so please have mercy on her. Randeep and Bani are struggling on the sofa when Manpreet arrives!
She yells out his name, and Bani pushes him away and runs to her. She asks Randeep what is going on

Randeep gets shift and tells her he has no idea what was going on. He basically says the Bani had thrown herself at him, and he was drunk and Bani was taking advantage of that. Bani is shaking her head in horrified denial and Manpreet who has listened to the drivel with a disgusted expression, slaps him ( Good one Mummyji!) Randeep looks shocked. Manpreet tells him that as his mother she knows him very well and she has also come to know Bani. Randeep gets mad and says you trust her more than your son. She gives Bani her dupatta and Randeep watches with impotent rage as they leave. The rest of the family arrives minus Daarji and Gagan asks Randeep what happened. Manpreet tells Chachi to take Bani to her room. Kuljeet asks Randeep what was going on and Randeep lies and says Bani wasn’t feeling well, so she fainted. Kuljeet asks Manpreet if Bani was ok. Manpreet looks away and Kuljeet looks at Randeep in anger. Gagan suddenly realizes something had happened between Bani and Randeep..
Bani is sitting on her bed, in shock, having flashbacks of everything that had happened that night.
Manpreet come in with some food and see’s Bani nearly catatonic. She consoles Bani and tells her she wouldn’t let anything bad happen to her. She gives Bani a sleeping pill, and apologizes to her for leaving her alone and for Randeep. She tells Bani not to be scared anymore.She leaves the room crying. Bani looks at Parmeet’s picture and tells him if he had been there, this wouldn’t have happened. she asks him where he is, and why isn’t he calling her and how alone she is without him.

Gagan asks Randeep about what had happened and he tells her the same lies. Gagan’s ego is pandered and she believes his bullshit.

Rajji is praying and worried. Buaji wakes up and is surprised to see the lights on in Soham’s room. Rajji makes excuses in front of Buaji and makes her leave from there, but not before Buaji taunts her a bit.
Randeep comes to the courtyard just as Soham arrives. Randeep asks him why is he there so late at night, and Soham tells him Bani had called and sounded really worried. Randeep tells Soham that she wasn’t feeling well.And since they were all not at home, so she must have called them. Soham’s insists on seeing Bani, but Randeep tells him off and gives him a slight push. Soham turns to leave and Bani see’s him from the window. She almost calls out to him but doesn’t. When he turns around , she hides.

Epi Ends! .

Precap: Angad, Simran and Buaji are all in Rajji’s room and Buaji is asking Rajji about Soham. Soham arrives and tell Buaji Rajji doesn’t know here I went and she is not the reason I went. He looks at Rajji and says, a friend had called urgently so I had to go.(Soham’s tune is changing…)

Update Credit to: ShophiSyas

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