Bani Ishq Da Kalma 12th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 12th July 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 12th July 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Bani’s place
bani tells soham that she understands their awkwardness, and especially rajji’s tension, and hopw she has quietened down aftre marriage, and isnt telling whats wrong. She asks him whats bothering rajji, some fight or anything else. she says that she’s asking because if its rajji’s mistake then she would make her understand. Bani asks soham to give rajji some time, and she would cope with it. Soham is speechless. Desho and her husband come and tell her that the driver has come to take her, and also give her the album to show the pics to her in laws. Desho asks soham to stay back for food. Bani bids them farewell and leaves.

Binder gives sweets to Rajji, and teases soham that he should tell them if rajji doesnt give her sweets.

Binder asks rajji to cheer up, thinking about soham’s feelings and asks her to cheer up and go along with soham. She blesses rajji. Nirvel stops rajji, and caressing her on the head, shows care, but rajji leaves stoically. Bani’s father thanks the Lord that everything is alright, and rajji would understand soon too.

Scene 2:
Location: Parmeet’s place
All are happy to see bani back. She takes everyone’s blessings. They excitedly look at the album and bani gives it to them to see the wedding pics. Manpreet asks if parmeet’s phoen came. She asks if he talked about the visa. Bani tells them everything.

Bani is shown the store room by gagan, who asks bani to place the album nicely amongst others. Her sister in law, says that if she doesnt feel bad, then she would tell her that the photographer seems cheap, as the picture and album quality shows, saying that they would be embarassed to show it to others. she asks bani to not spoil the sequence of albums. But bani in her nervouseness, throws some on the floor. She is reprimanded by gagan, but stops as she eyes a particular album. she is about to see it, when manpreet comes and takes it in haste from gagan’s hands, and asks them to look after the kitchen while she manages here. After they leave, manpreet thanks the lord that she came in time, as it would have been wrong if bani had seen this album. she decides that its not safe to keep this album out in the open.

Scene 3:
Location: Soham’s and Parmeet’s place.
Simran is superexcited to see rajji, which tenses rajji as to why she is bhevaing so nicely. Just then, an elderly lady is expressing anger at they way her nephew got married without informing her. As sohan comes, buaji reprimands soham and his brother for not even inviting them to the marriage. Her daughter comes rushing out to greet soham. Buaji exaggerates at her anger and dramatises full on, while rajji stands in the doorway. Buaji gets emotional that she didnt even had the respect in their eyes so as to be invited for the wedding. she reprimands simran and her husband, that soham would have had a son, and she wouldnt have known. She asks soham where the wife is, to see what beautiful girl he got, that he forgot his buaji. simran says that she’s outside. Buaji asks her to get the bride inside. As rajji comes inside with simran, buaji’s daughter rushes to greet her, but buaji stops her. She comes and stands in front of rajji. Buaji asks rajji if she would even show her face, or she needs a special invitation for it. As rajji lifts her face up, when buaji asks her to, buaji scrutinises it and rajji is tensed. All wait for her reaction. She relieves them by saying that she’s okay and not bad. She asks rajji to take blessings from her. She asks rajji and her name and rajji tells her. she asks for the full name, and rajji fumbles. She asks whats in rajji’s hand. She tells them that its pinni that her mother has made. Buaji says that she’s fond of sweets, and that she wants her to make something for her. She asks simran if she did the ritual with her about the kitchen. When she says no, she asks rajji to make a halwa today only. all are surprised. Buaji says that if she makes a nice halwa, then she would forgive them. As simran too tage along, buaji asks her why is she going there. Simran says that she’s going there to help rajji get familiar with the kitchen and help her a little. but buaji stops here saying that an ideal wife would find her way through the kitchen, and make the halwa, and that would be the true test of her potential as a daughter in law and a wife.

While bani is in the kitchen, she is surrounded by servants who do everything. she thinks that rajji would have reached home by now. she decides to call her up. Bani calls up soham’s place and buaji picks up. She says that she’s bani and confirming that its soham’s place and asks if she can talk to rajji. Buaji refuses saying that she’s making halwa for her, and cancels the phone abruptly, without waiting for bani’s response. Bani wonders how would rajji manage, as she has never worked in the kitchen, and what would her in laws think if she doesnt succeed. she decides that she would have to do something. The screen freezes on bani’s tensed face.

Precap: Bani calls up soham, and asks if she can talk to rajji, explaining why she has called to assist rajji in making the halwa, as she’s never worked in the kitchen before. Soham is surprised to hear this.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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