Bani Ishq Da Kalma 12th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Bani Ishq Da Kalma 12th February 2014 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 12th February 2014 Written Update

Epi starts with BaniMaya talking to Anu ji about how the person who thinks women are weak is the one who has to bow down to them. She says his bowed head should be pacifying not just for her, but for all those women who have thier ives destroyed by Parmeet type people.
Anuji tells BaniMaya that justice will be served and Bani will be the one to do it. She further says that bani will be a role model for women( choke choke).Anuji tells Bani to rest.

Gill House: Desho is telling off Manpreet on the phone , who has called to ask them to come for the terveen. Manpreet tells Desho that Bani was like a daughter to them and that’s why they are asking them to come. Desho yells that the son killed his wife and now the mother is covering for him by doing the terveen. Desho

says that her daughter’s spirit will only get peace when Parmeet gets his punishment and till then they will not set foot at Bhullar House. Desho disconnects.

Bhullar House: Soham is insisting that Rajji finish her food. (cute scene) Soham tells Rajji that he has noticed she likes saag a lot these days. He quips that thier child will also like saag, so he should leave everything else and only grow saag.Rajji is smiling at this.
(as usual)Bani calls Rajji and though she tries to pick up, Soham disconnects and tells Rajji to talk to whomever it is after she has eaten.Bani keeps calling again and again.

Soham pick up the phone and BaniMaya has a mini panic attack at hearing her voice. She disconnects and Rajji makes an excuse that it must be the NGO’s mumbai office. Cuteness continues, as Rajji tells Soham she wants something sweet now. Soham hand feeds her gulab jaman which he had already prepared.Rajji tells him they taste really good and Soham is all cutely pleased.

-Anu ji cautions that they need to be careful when Bani tells her that Soham picked up her call to Rajji. They Plan to go shopping for Maya.

Gill House: Desho is praying to babaji that her daughter got nothing good while alive, he should bless her soul.

-Bani/Maya sees Parmeet in the living room and yells for security.( Shefali looking very nice… well, actually I loved her clothes and the slouchy boots… )
Parmeet tells her to listen t him ( he says it in such a condescending manner, Gaurav isnt all that above Shefali in expression issues). He demands that she give him 5 min without any disturbance and help him(demands, actually). he tells her he wants to take her home as his wife for just a month.

Anu ji is slo mo walking in and Bani is telling Parmeet she is not interested in his proposal. Parmeet grabs her arm and when Bani Maya glares at him , he says he doesnt want to threaten her, so he is letting go of her arm. Anu ji is watching all this hidden behind a plant. Parmeet tells Bani Maya that the women who try to rule him or not listen to him, get on his nerves and he cant tolerate such women. Bani flashes back to Parmeet waving at her when her boat was sinking. Parmeet tells her that if she wants that he shouldn’t loose his temper, then she should do as he is asking(Dhamki). Bani is getting scared.

Parmeet tells Bani that he will pay her watever she wants. He says that for me you have to become Bani and grabs her arm again.

Bani flashes back to Rajji’s pep talk and throws Parmeet’s hand off. She tells him off and says that her name is Maya and Maya is not scared of anyone and she doesnt let anyone get in her way.She basically tells him to get out( I couldn’t believe my eyes, that this was Shefali..). Parmeet leaves and Anuji comes there. Bani is scared but Anu ji encourages her and tells her that today she has found herself.

Parmeet is pacing and thinking about Maya. Manpreet calls him and tells him to come home soon. Parmeet makes some excuse about helping a friend and tells Manpreet he will be back in time for the terveen.

Anu ji and Mausi and Bani are sitting and talking about Parmeet. ANu ji says that on the terveen is when Bani will go home because Parmeet need to be back in Punjab withing the next 48 hrs.

Parmeet calls BaniMaya and mausi tells him that Maya doesnt want to talk to you. Anu ji says this is because they want Parmeet to be totally submissive to Bani Maya’s dictates.

Epi ends.

Precap:Bani Maya tells Parmeet that this is a very hard job and she will do it, if he pays her. Parmeet asks her how much she wants, Mausi tells him 50 lakhs( 5 million).

Update Credit to: Sophie

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