Bani Ishq Da Kalma 11th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 11th March 2014 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 11th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Parmeet’s residence
gagan is shocked seeing bani in her new avatar, while randeep eyes her lustily. parmeet comes to her, as she gloats about this dress, while he hears shocked. She asks him to introduce her to the guests. He has no option but to comply. Guggi enters and is shocked to find soham and super shocked to find rajji in their new avatars. Guggi compares her to a fairy and compliments them both. He asks them to come down, after they tease him of his attire and attitude. They both go down too. Soham and Rajji descend down the stairs, rajji hesitant to mingle with them. Soham assures her and takes her hand to support her, and gets her downstairs, as bani and others watch too. while bani is superjoyed, all others are shocked out of their wits.

parmeet is relieved that rajji too is in gown, and she would be relieved of all the questions. Reyman also comments on their changed attire. rajji smiles as she finds bani and comes down finally. bani compliments her and relieves rajji of her nervousness. rajji compliments her too. Guggi compliments bani too and asks to compliment soham too. Soham teases him. He doesnt mind and they all begin to enjoy, while gagan is furious and bani shows rajji gagan’s mood. the girls excuse themselves and go to her. parmeet is still unable to believe. bani asks gagan if she isnt enjoying the party, as nothing like last time would happen, as she tries to repeat of what happened at the last party. She teases gagan that her plans are failing this time. gagan turns away, while Parmeet excuses himself to come to bani. rajji finds him coming and nudges bani. she quickly changes the topic, and starts complimenting parmeet for the party decor. He takes the compliment and finding Gagan tensed and lost, he asks her opinion. gagan says that its wonderful, and as the party progresses people would enjoy. bani too says that this was the first surprise and that there are lots more surprises coming their way. gagan leaves in haste while bani smirks. guggi goes to compliment balbir and reyman. as soham joins, they compliment him and bani too. Guggi teases her and she gets mad, but balbir asks her to cool down. When asked to drink, soham says that he does it only with friends. Balbir says that they are friends and father son too, and they can have a drink together. Balbir coaxes soham into taking one peg. Soham complies, while guggi asks him to control himself. balbir offers guggi too. they all drink together. as soham and guggi, balbir and reyman smirk that their plans are working, as he would get them so inebriated that he loses his sanity, and signs the papers.

Later, Rajji commenst that gagan is smart but misuses it. Bani too agrees and says that she would expose Randeep in front of everyone. Rajji asks how. bani points to a girl, who bani says would expose randeep’s true face in front of everyone. At the drinks bar, randeep reminisces about maya at the Mumbai party, and is suggested by his friends too look at Maya’s pics online. Randeep immediately Parmeet sees Randeep playing on the mobile phone and tells him to enjoy the party. He says he was reminded of Maya who they met at the party in Mumbai. He could not see her then but wanted to check her face on the internet now, as after all she is supposed to be a famous actress. Bani and rajji overhear this and are tensed. parmeet is stunned and scared out of his wits. parmeet, rajji and bani are worried that their gig might be up, if maya’s pics are downloaded. As randeep finds the weblink, bani signals parmeet to do something. parmeet asks randeep to let go of this, and instead meet everyone at the party. In their scuffle, the mobile breaks, and bani and parmeet are relieved. Parmeet apologises. As randeep gets down to pick up the phone, he is face to face with the same girl, that bani plans to use as bait. He eyes her lustily, as she asks if she could help him. he is awestruck. They introduce each other, and randeep immediately falls for her and starts flirting with her, much to bani’s pleasure.

Rajji, guggi and soham are discussing the party, when balbir comes in and tries to get soham drunk again. soham tries to resist but balbir doesnt nudge. rajji is tensed and warns soham against it, as balbir asks soham to drink and stops rajji from stopping him. Reyman too stops rajji from protesting, and takes her from there, to introduce her to her new friends. Balbir too takes soham aside. Balbir gets soham completely drunk, while thinking that the more he drinks, the more he wouldnt be able to think clear, and he would get his signatures on the property papers. The screen freezes on soham’s drooling eyes.

Precap: Bani dances on a top song, while rajji and parmeet enjoy the performance. However, gagan is shocked as she finds bani in her extrovert avatar, and thinks that this cant be bani, as bani had severe stage fright and would never be able to muster the courage of dancing in front of such a huge crowd.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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