Bani Ishq Da Kalma 11th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Bani Ishq Da Kalma 11th February 2014 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 11th February 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Mumbai
Bani desperately tries to search around for lenses, thinking that if she goes out like this, then parmeet would identify her, while after repeated absence of response from her side, parmeet says that he wont go without talking to her. Bani tells parmeet that he doesnt want to talk to him and asks him to leave. She is scared as she cant find her lens, and finds the doorknob turning indicating that parmeet is about to enter. Finally she opens the doorr, with both lenses in her eyes, and asks her to get lost, as she has a photo shoot. parmeet says that he wants to talk to her for a second. but she shoves him off, through security. He is taken off the room, and thrown outside, while bani stand sunfazed. as parmeet stands disgusted outside,

anu congratulates bani, for a great job. parmeet thinks that he would have to find another way to meet Maya.

Anu is happy, when she hears the latest news from rajji, and that this is going exactly what they wants. rajji says tyhat every road they have blocked, but one way’s open that would help him be saved. Rajji says that now is her greatest test. Anu too complies. Bani says that she’s ready, and tells how she is all geared up to have her revenge on him.

In his room, parmeet too is shocked at the time frame that he has to find an escape way, from ranvir on the mobile. He thinsk that he would have to get maya on his side, within this time, and decides to find out about her, and if it actually is maya, then he should have all info on her, from the internt. he begin to surf through, and is surprised to find that she actually exists on the net, while anu is happy along with bani, that they have actually made Maya an identity, so that parmeet has to believe that she isnt bani.

Scene 2:
Location: Photo Studio
Bani’s photoshoot goes through, while the photographers are very happy with the result. some lady comes in pretending to be related to bani, and expressing concern that she has sweat on her face. After that the shoot continues, parmeet thinks that this cant be bani, and ewven if she isnt, then too she would be of much use to him and says that he knows what he has to do. He stops the music from playing, drawing attention to himself. Bani seeing him again hollers for the guards, while parmeet again asks for a minute or two. bani complies and goes aside with him. The shoot breaks off for five minutes. Bani asks what does he want. parmeet says that he wants her, and she is confused. He says that he wants her help, and she says that she does nothing for charity. parmeet says that he knows and hence has a business proposal for her. He asks her to be his wife, shocking bani to the core. She finally starts laughing and guffaws at his foolish idea. he says that she just has to act, as she is an actress professionally, and says that her help would make him solve a big problem of his life. Parmeet says that just for a month, she would have to act like his wife. Bani says that she has just one answer for his proposal, and thats no. As she begins to go, he stops her holding her arm, and is instantly rebuked by bani, as she jerks off her hand from his grasp. He starts pleading, saying that he desperately needs her help. They begin to argue, while her posed mother walks in, asking her that she doesnt have time to spare for losers. bani leaves, while parmeet continues to rant. Her mother asks him to shut up. Bani comes outside, and apologising to the photographer, she continues with her photoshoot. parmeet watches her, troubled. He tries to talk to her, but is hindered, and bani too chooses to deliberately ignore him, but she gets conscious after some time and the photographer asks her to relax. Her mother throws a tantrum, that her daughter needs juice, and makes her sit down to relax. parmeet is mistaken for a spotboy, and is handed the juice glass, to give to bani. He tries to clarify but the person leaves. bani remembers all the time that he rebuked her, whenever she tried to serve him something, and how the tables have turned today. She controls herself and passes off a tear in disguise, and then again gets back to her role as maya. parmeet stands hurt and tensed. Rohit, the photographer comes and asks if she is ready. bani says that she cant concentrate with outsiders there. Rohit instructs every crew to ensure that strangers go otu. When parmeet doesnt budge, the crew thrash him to go outside, while he is disturbed to remember the warning that ranvir had given.

after having finished the shoot, as she comes out, she is thronged by fans, for her autograph. parmeet sees this and joins in too. He tries to approach, and bani is amused at his torment. Her aunty tells them to waver off as she has an important press conference. as she tries to get in her car, she is stopped as parmeet again holds her hand. Bani eeys him angrily. He lets go and again starts his request and pleading. she tries to get in, and he stoically says that he wont lose her way, till she listens to him, and asks her to undersdtand it atleats and says that she would pay her for this. she says that her answer still stands a NO. she gets in the car, while her aunty too rebukes him and asks him to get lost. as they leave, he is tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Mumbai Guest lodge.
Anu is happy to hear what happened, about parmeet’s desperation and cites it as her first win and his defeat. bani says that she didnt have the faith that she would be able to face him so boldly, unlike the faith that anu had on her. bani says that she never wished bad for anyone, but she wants to make parmeet realise the meaning of pain. Bani says that the pain that she and her family went through, she wants to make parmeet feel it too. Bani says that those who consider women as weak, has to bow down to the woman only finally, and that should make all the woman relieved who are tormented like this. the screen freezes on her determined face.

Precap: Parmeet says that he tried everything with her, pleading, request, begging and an apology too. He says that the women who dont listen to him and get on his head angers him terribly and sends him into a rage. He says that he cant tolerate such women. bani begins to fidget and shift uncomfortably, as he gets on her, with his rant. Anu, from hiding, just hopes that bani doesnt give in and bow down to parmeet.

Update Credit to: SophiSays

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