Bani Ishq Da Kalma 10th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Bani Ishq Da Kalma 10th May 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 10th May 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Maamiji is very happy and telling that he got such a good Ristha. Maamaji will tell he is surprised that she did get a good Ristha. Maamaji is very happy and will tell despite they being so rich they are really down to earth. Then Beeji tell Maamiji for the first time she really did such a good thing in her life.

Maamiji cant they cannot take the teasing from Beeji and Maamaji and she will tell that she is going to take rest.

Then Deshu will ask Bani to go and rest and she was getting scared simply and all went of well.

Beeji will tell that she was scared that how will the wedding take place is 15 days. Then she tells that all this happened to Deshu. Deshu tells that she just got the idea but her brother fulfilled everything and made it possible.


she tells now she has got back her lost respect with her Maiyka and will tell that how they looked down on us. Then she tells they were so angry when Nirveil came back and they looked down upon her for she could not return the money. Maamaji will console her along with Beeji. They twll her to forget the past and they will come around just like she forgave Nirveil they will forgive her also. They remind her that there is lot of work for the wedding and she is very excited.

Sarabhjeet will be thinking of Soham and how he had confessed to him that he loved Bani and how he will look after then.
Deshu sees him and asks him if he was thinking of Angad and Simran. She tells him even she is feeling bad but how can they think of outsiders and give up the happiness of their daughters. She says everyone likes the ristha and they think Bani will be very happy. Sarabhjeet will tell that since when have you started thing of others. You only think what you want and do that. He goes away from there. Deshu tells that he will always think of others.

Bani will be a little sad and Jassie will ask her what the matter is and if she does not like the ristha. Then Bani keeps a fake smile on her face and tells that I was thinking of how I have to separate from all of you. Happy will ask her id she will not stay after marriage. Then she will tell the girl will have to go away. Happy is upset and does not want Bani to leave.

Soham is very impatient and waiting for Angad and Simran. Then he will think maybe they would have refused them. Then They come there and he will be asking them what happened. He will tell that why did you bring back the sweet box. Simran will be crying and both will not open their mouth. He will be urging them to talk.

Sarabhjeet will tell that what will they tell because they came with so much of Umeed. Then he apologizes and tell I could not fix the wedding with you or stop the wedding with the NRI ristha. Then Soham is very shocked on hearing the news.

He will tell that I was forced to this because Bani had taken a promise from me and she told me to do whatever her mother wished. Then he tells for Bani nothing is more than her mother’s happiness. Bani had to bow down to her mother’s adamancy.

Sarabhjeet tells he was helpless and could not do anything. He tells him that he has no right to ask for forgiveness, but if it is possible to forgive him.

Soham is shell-shocked with all his dreams shattered. He will be really broken down, as all his dreams are broken. Angad and Simran will be trying to talk to him and they cant get through him.

They will show Bani also very upset and hugging Jassie and Happy.

Angad will tell him to go and ask. Soham’s friend will tell that I will go and beg Deshu aunty. Soham will tell that nothing will happen and nothing can be done about it.

PRECAP: Bani will ask Deshu why is she so worried. Deshu will tell that your father has not come home. He is angry with me because I did not agree for the other ristha.

Update Credit to: anurao66

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