Bani Ishq Da Kalma 10th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 10th March 2014 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 10th March 2014 Written Update

Parmeet is busy directing the decorators. Rajji sees the decorations and the thought of the big party overwhelms her.. Due to her prior exposure to such hi-fi parties, Bani has a been-there-done-that ‘whats so great about it’ attitude in contrast to Rajji’s excitement. Suddenly Rajji feels worried about how to cope in the parties and what to wear. Bani advises her to wear whatever she feels comfortable in. Rajji and Bani laugh at Parmeet’s condition. Raji is worried whether he can complete on time and Bani, as usual drags in her example, and assures her that if she could do everything without any help or experience, he also can.

Gagan tells Randeep that Bani might have succeeded in manipulating Pji to do all the arrangements but she will not be able to manage the

guests. On the other hand, Rajji and Bani discuss why Gagan planned the party. Bani confides that she knows the idea was to make her (Bani) feel bad. But this time she has made plans to show Randeep’s true face so that Gagan will be the humiliated one.

Gagan taunts Pji for doing all the work. Pji snaps at her for harassing him with the same thing when he is just doing work in his own house. Bani interrupts and Pji thinks she has come to help but she says she needs to go get ready. His face drops and he tries to push her into ironing his suit but then decides to do it himself. Gagan thinks that at least Pji won’t be able to help with Bani’s dressing style.

Pji comes into the room and somehow can’t see Bani standing right there. He wonders aloud as to how Bani managed to arrange everything last time in short time..Bani’s face takes on the constipated look hearing Pji miss her. She taunts Pji that it’s the first time she has heard him praise Bani. She takes a shimmering blue gown to wear and Pji is shocked. He directs her to Bani’s cupboard and the yellow gown is conveniently at the very top as if Bani wore that everyday.. Maya again goes into flashback mode and is upset. Bani pretends to be happy and wants to wear it. Pji hands her a suit but Bani refuses to dress as a behenji for a party. She questions about the yellow gown and accuses Pji of having forced Bani to wear what he liked. He refutes the charge while Bani goes into her flashback when Pji insulted her dressing. Bani decides that if he never forced his wife then she will also wear what she likes.

Rajji can’t decide what to wear. Rajji sees a smartly dressed man come near the door but his face is covered by a shadow. She tells him to go but he comes near and she sees that it is Sohum in a suit. She blushes seeing him and compliments him saying he looks like Prince Charming. Sohum also blushes and asks why she is not looking like his Queen yet. Rajji confides her dressing doubts and feels bad that nothing will look good on her especially after seeing him. She plans to make excuses to not go for the party. Sohum hands her a packet that has a white dress he bought for her. She feels uncomfortable at the thought.

Party in full swing. BalRa praise the decoration and Bani’s work. Gagan waiting eagerly to see Bani make an entry in her conservative dress..

Sohum waits while Rajji gets ready. She refuses to come out as she is embarrassed. Sohum finally has enough of her drama and threatens to go inside to see her. She finally comes out and he looks stunned. He compliments her and allays her doubts. They both look awkwardly at each other but are happy. He helps her put on accessories.

Bani also has not made an entry yet and people are enquiring. Bani is shown coming down the stairs in her blue gown leaving BalRa and RanGa stunned.

Precap: Pji sees Randeep playing on the mobile phone and tells him to enjoy the party. He says he was reminded of Maya who they met at the party in Mumbai. He could not see her then but wanted to check her face on the internet, after all she is supposed to be a famous actress.. Pji face takes on a haunted look

Update Credit to: BullsEye777

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