Bani Ishq Da Kalma 10th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 10th July 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 10th July 2013 Written Update

So today’s episode starts with Bani’s halwa being a success. Daarjee presents her with a necklace.

The scene then moves to Bani’s room where she is looking sadly at a picture of her and Parmeet and the phone. MIL(someone tell me her name please) comes and gives her a gift,which Parmeet picked for Bani. It is a phone(Samsung, Canadian dollars ka kamal) and as soon as Bani switches it on, Parmeet shows up onscreen. “Surprise!”
MIL is sitting pensively and Surjeet asks her whats wrong. MIL shares her worry about Bani and Parmeet, since they hadn’t been able to talk since he left, but today she was feeling content and hopeful, that whatever happened previously in this house will not happen again

Back in Bani’s room, the newlyweds

are just being all coo coo with Parmeet telling Bani how much he misses her and can’t concentrate etc etc…

On the other hand Rajji is laying sleepless, and Soham comes in and lays his bed on the floor. Then the singer at the train station sings about how things are fated, someone happy someone not, interspersed with scenes of Rajji’s sad face and Bani’s smiling one…

The next morning, Guggi shows up at breakfast time and ask’s Simran and Soham where “she ” is.(Seriously, Guggi, “she ” has a name.. might as well call her “it” and just make Rajji an inanimate object why don’t you!). Then Soham’s brother asks about Rajji and gets ticked off with Simran’s attitude towards her. he takes Rajji breakfast, and while initially she refuses, he coaxes her into having some.


Nirvail and Binder are sitting, and he expresses his concern over Rajji and asks Binder if she had called Rajji’s sasural yet. Binder tells him she would that day. Mama ji comes and says that as he is leaving today, they should ask both girls to come see them off. Binder speaks to Simran who say’s rather unconcernedly “Rajji may go wherever she wishes, they don’t mind”. Bani initially say’s no, but MIL sends her anyway.

Scene changes to Soham’s house where the postman shows up with a registry for Soham. It is Soham’s passport with the Kanaayde ka visa. He looks furious. He goes to his room and show’s Rajji the passport. He rants and raves at her about how hard he had to work for this to fulfill Desho’s demand and for who, for Bani. Rajji has a really hurt and slightly incredulous look on her face, he accuses her that she knew everything, so how could she do this to him. He throws the passport away, saying he doesn’t want to go, and it lands at Bani’s feet.


Bani picks up the passport and Soham looks worried( and here is where I would insert a few choice words about the foolish lovesick idiot). he quickly covers up by being all “yea, this just got here from the embassy and let-me-just-take-it-from-you”.
Bani tells everyone that she is here to pick up Rajji and Simran says the same thing she had said to Binder, but Bani senses the oddness of the phrase. As Bani and Rajji leave, Soham look angry and worried at the same time.

Precap: Bani ask’s Rajji what is wrong and though Rajji says “nothing”, Bani insists on knowing the truth.:

Update Credit to: SophiSays

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