Bani Ishq Da Kalma 10th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Bani Ishq Da Kalma 10th February 2014 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 10th February 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Mumbai
Bani composes herself and tells parmeet that she’s getting late for the photoshoot, and leaves. As she walks off, parmeet thinks that this cant be bani, as she was never this strong, and particularly about her family. bani rushes to anu’s room, and inquires about her father. Anu asks her to relax and calls rajji to confirm. She asks if everything is okay at her place and bani’s place. rajji confusedly asks why is she asking her, as everything is alright. anu tells her about parmeet’s trap, shamelessly. rajji advises anu to tell bani that everything is alright. Anu complies and does the same. She asks bani to compose herself as parmeet is outside.

Scene 2:
Location: Parmeet’s residence and Mumbai

Gagan is excitedly talking about the party, reyman gets irritated and a duel starts between the two. Rajji excitedly talks about what else happened at the party. Randip tells about maya’s performance but before he can elaborate, manpreet changes the topic. manpreet asks why didnt parmeet return. Randip said that he wants to take few more days off. Manpreet says that its for the best, as he would be subjected to taunts here, and hence should stay there. Soham takes rajji from there.

In her room, Soham asks rajji about her weird behaviour, and how he found out that it was anu’s number. rajji blames him for doubting her. soham says that he is trying to know the turh, and why does she seek someone else’s help, when he’s heer. she says that he doesnt need to spy on her and she is alright and can help herself. as she begins to go, soham stops her by holding her hand. He tells her that she’s his wife, and he doesnt need to ask what to do, and how to take care of her. rajji is overwhlmed remembering the time, when he never even thought her to be a friend. Finally she goes inside thr room, and closes the door behind her.

randip calls up parmeet and tells that bani’s father is again here with police, who wants to talk to him right now. He says that their family would be insulted, as the police warns that if he doesnt come here, then they would go to Mumbai. ranvir tries to get him to confess, but he doesnt budge and give in. parmeet asks ranvir to manage for two days, within which he would return. ranvir asks him to hurry up. He cancels the phone. parmeet is visibly tensed.

sarab demands to know where is parmeet and why is he hiding. manpreeet tells sarab, that she was behaving thinking about the relation, but that doesnt mean he can accuse parmeet of murder. ranvir tells about his phone call to parmeet. sarab says that the fact that parmeet has killed bani wont be hidden for long. The police too tells them that if parmeet doesnt come, he would issue a warrant against him. Sarab says that they all are culprits in the crime. Rajji is shocked to see them fighting like this. ranvir asks Bani’s father how dare he taint the respect of this family. sarab says that he also gave the respect of their family, bani to them and look what they did to her. He says that if his will be, he would put all of them behind bars. As ranvir tries to stop him to talk, he shouts back and silences ranvir. Manpreet too nudges ranvir to stop. The police asks them to stop the drama, and asks sarab to control himself too. He gives the family 48 hours to produce parmeet, as they know that he is in Mumbai, and if he doesnt return, then one phone call, and the mumbai police would arrest him. The police and sarab leave finally. Evereyone is tensed, while manpreet laments that they never thought this day would come, and she is unable to bear this. She asks ranvir to tell parmeet to come asap, as he should have been heer, as its Bani’s terahvi. ranvir says that all arrangements have been made and he would get parmeet too. reyman asks if they cant do this ritual outside. Balbir asks how is this possible, as bani is the bahu and hence it should happen here. reyman says that such rituals are depressing, and hence they can be kept outside. Manpreet says that bani’s terahvi would be here and she maybe new to this house’s traditions and that dadaji too would have wanted this. Reyman taunts that if she cared for dadaji so much, then she shouldnt have returned, as thats what dadaji wanted. manpreet says that she left for her self respect but came back for her responsibility being the eldest in the house, as the new members arent aware of the responsibilities nor are they aware of the traditions of this house.

Parmeet thinks that he would have to talk to Maya, as only she can take him out of his troubles. He starts calling for maya. anu and bani are surprised in their room. Anu asks bani to go outside to talk again, as right now he is very vulnerable and is thinking exactly what they want him to, and they shouldnt let this chance be gone. Anu asks bani to freshen up first, to compose her tear splotched face. She complies. Meanwhile, anu is surprised as she finds parmeet knocking on their door. anu hides behind the closet as parmeet enters searching for maya aka bani. he hears the bathroom tap running. bani washes her tear splotched face. Parmeet knocks on the bathroom door, and tells that he desperately needs to talk to her. After having washed her face, she is shocked to find that one of her lens is missing. She gets scared as she finds parmeet turning the doorknob to enter and wonders what to do. The screen freezes on her shocked face.


Precap: bani desperately tries to search around for lenses, while after repeated absence of response from her side, parmeet says that he wont go without talking to her. Bani tells parmeet that he doesnt want to talk to him and asks him to leave. She is scared as she cant find her lens, and finds the doorknob turning indicating that parmeet is about to enter.

Update Credit to: SophiSays

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