Bandhua – Sukor epi 5

Recap; Sukor left n had a long journey through the jungle. The unspoken love have made them realise their feelings for each other n they finally become one. They reached Mumbai.

Suraj; Chakor i don’t know y but I feel like I’m not gonna stay happy here.
Chakor; Suraj please don’t say this n y r u saying it now. When I asked u trust u said u do. Please for me try it.
Suraj holded Chakors hand; I would do everything for u. But if Ur trainer knows me n my family he must be hating me. Chakor – how can I explain u that he knows all abt u n ur family -.
To be honest they know everything but they know that the real culprit is KN not u. U have been used by him.
Suraj; I’m very lucky.
Chakor surprises; really Y?
Suraj; I got u as my wife.
Chakor got shy n looked down n back up to him let’s go.

Chakor took Suraj to the right path n he was going to follow her everywhere. Chakor decided to hide the fact that Bhagya is Suraj sister she wants to make him feel gud not depressed {Suraj hardly remember his sis coz KN throw her out when he was young}. Chakor will talk to Arjun n Bhagya first before introducing Suraj. Just in case she can make an excuse to meet them alone n explain them her thoughts.

Suraj; Chakor how far is it?
Chakor; not that much just a little bit more. Suraj nodded. Chakor; Suraj please don’t mind but maybe it would be better if I would talk to them alone. Suraj; Y? R u hiding something? Chakor; didn’t looked his eyes no I’m hiding nothing she lied to him. But after such a long time I return n so much happened I just thought it would be easier to make them understand our situation. Suraj; ok fine u can talk to them alone. But if they behaivou or treat me wrong I will… we will leave Immidiately ok?. He looked very serious. Chakor; ok we will leave.
They both shook hands.

Chakor; Suraj she shout. Woh dehko/ look there. That’s their house. Please promise me to behave. Suraj ; I know how to behave I have manners my mom… He stopped talking further thinking of his mom made him.sad. Chakor gave him support; don’t worry she safe with my parents. Suraj wiped the tear away.

Chakor rings the door bell; please keep quite n let me talk first. Suraj; I know y do u have to repeat everything? Chakor; bcz u hear from one ear n then it goes out by the other ear u never remember my words. Suraj; what…? Suraj couldn’t say more the main door was open a woman in her 30ties open it. Suraj had a weired feeling – who is this? y she feels familiar? -.

Chakor; Maa she hugged her immidiately. Bhagya; hugged her back it’s been so long Chakor y u never called? n… She saw Suraj her eyes were with tears – Suraj mera Bhai u know it’s u -. Chakor; Maa let me explain u. Suraj u wait here. She warned him u remember what said. Suraj made a face go I’m waiting where else could I go? Chakor nodded.

Chakor n Bhagya went in n closed the main door. Arjun; Bhagya who is it? Chakor; me. Arjun; was happy to see her alive his eyes were filled with tears how could u let thus happen to u? U r married to Suraj Rajvanshi n u retire Y? he shouted at Chakor. Chakor; Arjun Sir. I’m here a request. Arjun; don’t u dare to ask for something everything is ruined our hard work ur surviving n the sacrifices we did for u all vanished.
Chakor; Papa she started crying. Arjun runs to her n hugged her. He can’t see tears in her eyes. Bhagya; Chakor he waiting let’s call him in. Chakor; no she shout. Arjun; who is waiting? Bhagya; Suraj… She looked at the door with a sad face. Chakor explained them abt KN revenge he ruined her career n made Suraj a Bandhua. Despite being hungry n thirsty he never left her alone he saved her life n her honour many times. Suraj fight with KN only for her. Arjun; he is a Rajvanshi. Bhagya; me too. Chakor; we have to hide this. Bhagya; what? Y?. Chakor; I don’t know how he would react I never told him that u r Arjun papa’s wife well I never told any1. Please she begged. Arjun; fine 4 u. I will let him stay but only under my rules. Chakor smiled n nodded. She goes to the door n open it to let Suraj in… She looked here n there but couldn’t find him. Chakor shouted Suraj name. No response.

Suraj was in the garden playing with some1 new. Suraj; Hi my name is Suraj R… – I hate this man n his name -. Suraj; wanna hand shake it was a 2 year old little girl she shook his hand. Suraj; well I told u my name, right? She nodded. Then tell me ur name. She got shy. Girl; Rani with her cute voice. Suraj; wow u r definitely a princesses. Friends? Rani; friends.

Arjun; who is this? He runs out go away from my daughter. Suraj stood up n turned. Rani; Papa. Bhagya n Chakor followed him. Chakor; Suraj she shout I told u to wait. I was so scared how could u leave without telling. U… She looked down at the garden n found a stick. Suraj was surprised but understood runs away. Chakor; Suraj Rajvanshi. I’m Chakor runner 501 u can be faster than me. It didn’t took long n she overtaken him n hitted him with the stick. Suraj; sorry. Stopped it he hold her hand n both slipped on the ground they shared an eyelock moment. Arjun n Bhagya were surprised. The love the both share for each other is clearly shown.

Rani; Suraj Maamu. ?. Suraj n Chakor got up immidiately both were red n embarrassed. Arjun; After talking to Chakor u can stay here but if anything happens wrong or u hurt any1 I will not leave u. I will give u the biggest punishment. Suraj; don’t worry nothing will happen n we r not going to stay here for long. Bhagya; Suraj…Chakor u both seemed to be very tired the last few weeks were very hard. Chakor take him to ur room he is going to stay with u. Arjun; no. He is not. He will stay at the guest room. Chakor didn’t knew how to explain it but she said; he is my husband I will stay where he will stay. It doesn’t matter where but we will stay together. Another eyelock moment. Bhagya made a puppy face n Arjun agreed he goes to them to end the eyelock he snap one’s fingers. Both left the hand n went in.

Chakor took Suraj up to her room. She closed the door. Suraj looked the room it was simple decorated like Chakor the most simplest girl he ever meet. Chakor; So Mr. Suraj Raj… He stopped her n shook his head not Rajvanshi anymore. He removed his palm from her mouth. Suraj; tum yeh saab choor ke aayi Azaadghanj badla lene keliye? Are pagli tumhe mila kiya. Tumhari Shaadi is Bandhua se hogayi. Aur tumhari career miiti main milgayi/ u left all this behind u n returned to Azaadghanj to take revenge. Oh u silly girl look what u got u r married to me a Bandhua n ur career is ruined. Chakor hugged him from back; Suraj. Don’t say this. I’m happy that I marry u otherwise I would be very unhappy no spucynes in life. U know how much I loved our fights. N more than the fight I… Suraj turned; I…? Chakor turned shyly. I have to take a show better say we need u can go first. Suraj; suitcase main kaapre nahi hai / in the suitcase aren’t clothes what should I wear?
Bhagya knocked on the door n Chakor open it. Chakor; Maa come in. Suraj looked at her – her similarity to mom is huge y is she hiding doesn’t she know? -. Bhagya goes to Suraj n have him clothes. Tomorrow we will go for a proper shopping but I hope this is ok for a night. Suraj took the clothes n touched Bhagyas hand. Both get a warm shiver. Bhagya left.

Chakor; now u have clothes go take a shower. Suraj; Y? I mean i know y but y aren’t u coming. Chakor; what? Suraj; Chakor water is very valuable we can’t waste it. If we take a shower together we will save a little bit water, right? Chakor nodded naughty.
Suraj; me no. He lift her up where he asked n she showed there…

The spend a peaceful night together.

Suraj woke up first he was bored n doesn’t wanted to wake up Chakor. He went down to the kitchen – I could make the breakfast? -. He made omelettes for all. Every1 comes down n dining table was full decorated n Suraj was making fresh Orange juice they were all shocked. Suraj; what haven’t u ever seen a man cooking?. Bhagya; Suraj I’m sure no1 of us would have expected it ever. Suraj; goes to her n hugged her y r u hiding it….

Will this creat a fight? Or Suraj will be happy to know his Bhagya Di is Chakors called mom.

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  1. Sukorlover

    Amazing update. Glad that there was no drama when suraj meet arjun & bhagya. Loved sukor moment, suraj is so naughty. Suraj feels some connecttion with bhagya. Waiting for next

    1. Sukorian

      thx dear. Suraj n Bhagya have to share alot on the next update.

  2. Amazing update! Loved Sukor nok jhoks. Arjun is so protective of Chakor. Naughty Suraj, saving water ?. Suraj is settling in his new home, bonding with his niece and cooking breakfast for everyone. So Suraj senses Baghya is hiding something. Looking forward to the next episode.

    1. Sukorian

      Yeah father role for girl. I could hold myself with the water saving I’m so happy u liked it ???

  3. Enjoyed the epsiode loved it cant wait wen sukor find the money in suitcase wonder what they will do

    1. Sukorian

      Thank u dear question will u write a new ff? It’s still an idea but I want to change this idea a bit… Let surprise yourself ?

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