Bandhua – Sukor epi 23

Hi im very u liked the media twist n Sukor fast for each other ?.

No recap I already mention it oh Suraj made Chakors fav Parathe ?.

Ragini throw a glass noo!!!. Vivaan; damn how could this happen. They not only survived they also win against KN old plan. Ragini; I won’t let them besides they don’t know anything. Vivaan; u r right. The gun factory is working n we r getting alot of profit. Ragini; yes n no one can come here to Azaadghanj without out permission. Vivaan; do u really think so? Ragini; what u mean. Vivaan; I would like to remind u how Chakor come back n destroyed KN political ambitiouns. N now she has Suraj on her side tge real heir of Azaadghanj. Ragini; how dare u. Vivaan; oh please I never wanted to be it’s just u r an illegitimate child Suraj on the other hand is KN n Teju son every1 knows him well u left Azaadghanj years ago n return for revenge… Ragini; Vivaan since day I have come to know the truth abt my relationship with this family I made a decision to rule over Azaadghanj n if some1 come on my way I will kill them. She took out her gun n shoot up.

Vivaan – she is totally mad -. Imli; Vivaan is everything alright?. Ragini; go ur wife is calling u. Vivaan left the room. Imli; Vivaan… Vivaan; nothing happen.

Suraj n Chakor woke up on time both were staring at each other. Chakor had a smile on her face n Suraj was lost in her eyes.

tip tip tip footsteps small ones Rani slowly comes on the bed. She watched them n stayed quiet. Suraj was coming closer to Chakor who was waiting for her morning kiss Suraj starts to give her before leaving for his work but it’s Sunday n yesterday she vanished before he woke up. Chakor closed her eyes this kiss would be a long one not for the cheek but for the lips. Suraj closed his eyes too n was really close when he kissed a cheek. Chakor n Suraj open their eyes. Both were shocked to see Rani between them. Rani ??? kisssi ??? hahaha she runs down. Suraj n Chakor blushed both stood up n went down following Rani.

Bhagya; oh what u got kisssi… Arjun; from maamu n maami… ?. Rani; haan. Suraj – not this time -. Rani got earlier kisssis too? Rani smiled n nod. Chakor; oh experience….?. Arjun n Bhagya blushed n turned. Bhagya; kitchen?. Arjun; gud idea. Suraj; oh really is it a better place to get kisssis?  Arjun; really r u trying to mess with me? Suraj; there is no need to try I’m really enjoing it. Chakor; Suraj… come. Bhagya; uff Arjun come… Both mens have an ego only the wives can handle. ?

Chakor was.doing her daily training. Suraj n Rani were giving her accompany n they weren’t alone. A crowd of old n new fans was there too n Adi came to make a reportage on Chakor n her way back to the top.

Rani; po…po…pot.. Suraj; Pooti {poop}??? ?. Rani hit his head. She tries to make a camera witg her small finger. Suraj; oh photo?. Rani smiled. Suraj got a new mobile phone from thr company he hasn’t made any pics yet hmm… ?. Rani was looking at Adi n his big camera. Suraj; yes nice… Rani; hään. Suraj; wait. Adi he called him. Adi; ya?. Suraj; r u done with Chakor? Adi; that sounds really weird Suraj; ya sorry. But if u have finished ur reportage on Chakor can take some footage of her he showed on Rani. Adi; ya we r done she is giving autographs now n some private pics. So I can make a reportage. Private one Suraj demand. Adi nod a private footage of Rani. Rani was happy all the attention was back on her.

Suraj n Adi were concentrated on Rani walked up n down n spins around. Suddenly she runs away. Suraj; Rani… he runs after her. Rani stopped in front of a swing. Juula {swing}. Suraj oh u want to swing?. Rani nod. He made her sit n gave light pushes.

A fan; Chakor runner 501. Chakor; ya. A fan; now h r back what is ur next aim? Chakor; I want to win the Asian games. A fan; n ur family? Chakor looked around she searched Suraj n found him there she shows on Suraj. Another fan male; u need to be alive to win. Chakor turned n was shocked to see one of Raginis goons.

A fan; how dare u to say this. Chakor was sweating she couldn’t risk the life of any1 here all were innocent… Chakor tried to call Suraj… but she couldn’t. The goon; move. Get off my way. Chakor walked in front but the group of fans surrounded her. Chakor; No! she shout.

The camera man; Adi look. Adi; turned oh no Chakor. But Chakors scream was loud enough Suraj turned too n a fire burns in him. The camera man; we need to save her. Adi; no id the camera on? The cam man; ya but… Adi; look. Th cam man records . Adi; we have to show her n the real culprit that they r not alone not anymore. The cam man; what? Adi; Took his pose I’m here live to report. Chakor runner 501 is in danger but her fans r fighting for her. Take a look. The camera swing from Adi to the crowd. Adi; U see there is a goon with a oh gosh he… he has a gun. A fan heard it n looked for something. The cam man swung to Suraj who waa witnessing everything but his anger was still there.  Suraj put Rani down n showed to Adi. Go!. Rani nod n runs to Adi. A fan throw a stone n gun fall down. Suraj comes running.

…I wanted ro give u a cliffhanger but I changed my mind ?.

Suraj comes with tight punch. The punch was heavy n the goon wasn’t expecting it he fall back on his ass. The fam crowd oh wow. Suraj; move. They all went away Chakor stayed there but Suraj shook his head. Go! NOW!! Chakor runs to Adi. Adi; don’t worry I’m sure Suraj will handle this situation btw its a live stream. Chakor shock what. Adi; Chakor wake up u r not alone ur biggest support is here in front of u. The people needs to see n know that. Suraj beat the goon n some1 had calles the police. Who obviously never comes on time ?.

A police man; stop he shoots a warning to stop the fight. A man comes he had called them an old man; how dare u to point ur useless gun on him he showed on Suraj. If this young man hasn’t reacted that fast who knows what this goon would have done. He did ur job. Suraj was taking heavy breaths but was very happy getting the support.

The goon saw his gun n picked it up.
The goon pointed thr gun on Suraj. It doesn’t matter whom I kill u or ur wife. Suraj; did KN send u. He shook his head. No Ragini did. Suraj; so Ragini is now ruling hmm it doesn’t surprise me that she is still scared! of me. The police man; drop the gun. The goon laughed no way if I return without results she will kill me. Suraj kicked the gun away n hold the goon in a stranglehold. The old man clapped we need more like u.

The goon got arrested n Suraj was praised. A fan; now I understand y u love him. Rani; my maamu… su…sup. Suraj; soup ?. Rani hits him. Every1 saw. Super hero ????.


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  1. Sukorlover

    Awesome update. Rani was so cute. Loved suraj’s moment with her??. Ragini & vivan are so evil. Thanks to suraj, adi &fans nothing happened to chakor☺️☺️. Waiting for next

    1. Sukorian

      thank u ?? im happy u liked it ??

  2. Amazing update. Rani interrupting Sukor’s kiss was cute. Loved how Suraj teased Arjun. Loved Suraj- Rani bond and how they were supporting Chakor. Hero Suraj was awesome. Eagerly waiting for the next part.

    1. Sukorian

      ??? thank u Im very happy u like it ???

  3. Very nice update

    1. Sukorian

      thank u dear

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