Bandhua – Sukor epi 22

Hi ?. Sorry in advance for any mistakes… read further n u know y ?.

Recap; new friends new old love ?. Past with missing the mother n family.

Bhagya woke up early she made breakfast for the family but she wake up only Chakor. Arjun n Suraj were still sleeping long.

Chakor; Bhagya Di y u wake me?. Bhagya; I know tonight we r holding a party for ur success but today is a very special day. Chakor; got excited which day?. Bhagya; today is Karwa Chauth will fast for the long life of ur husband?. Chakor; haan I will but the preparation I mean how we will do that in this short time?. Bhagya; u don’t worry me n the neighbourhood woman prepared all n we will combine it with the party. Chakor smiled. – Today I will fast for ur long life Suraj may God always protect u -.

Chakor n Bhagya had their breakfast before the sunrises. Bhagya had prepared almost everything the night before so they won’t do any work through the day. Rani woke up first n Bhagya gave her breakfast. Chakor was excited what to do tgere she saw Henna. Chakor; Bhagya Di can u please apply me the Mehndi. Bhagya; sure ?. Rani; ma…in bhi {me 2}. Chakor; haan I will apply u. Rani claps her hands.

Arjun came down looking at the girls – am I forgetting something? Can’t remember… -. Arjun; gud morning u r all awake so early today. Bhagya; what u mean. Arjun; nothing I was just saying u didn’t wake me up… Bhagya; so what go get food it’s in the kitchen. Arjun made a face… fine I will get my food.

Chakor was applying Mehndi on Ranis small hands some flowers n some stars with a moon. Rani was happy but very impatiently she wanted to play with her dolls but couldn’t. Rani thought while Arjun was having breakfast. Arjun; Bhagya this food is so delicious. Bhagya; thank u. Arjun; If u need help fir the party just tell me. Bhagya; I will let u know she said with bitter under tone. Arjun gulps – she is angry but y -.

Rani was up in Suraj n Chakors room. Rani was looking at her maamu who was still sleeping she goes to him slowly. She couldn’t touch him bcz of her Mehndi but she could wake him in another way. She managed to climb on the bed n comes slowly near him with her elbows she shake him. Rani; Maamu… Suraj murmuring what…?. Rani; maamu… wake… up. Suraj; hmmm Rani… let me sleep. Rani; made a sad angry face… Maamu kaa.. kaa… Suraj; what kaa?. Rani; kaati.{breakup} Suraj turned his face. No we r not kaati. Rani kissed him n he stretched where is ur maami? Rani showed her hands. Suraj; nice ?. Rani; smiled maami. Suraj; oh ur maami did this wow. – so she is awake y didn’t she wake me? -.

Suraj n Rani comes down Rani was obviously on his arms ?. Suraj was looking at Chakor who’s hands were wearing mehndi. Suraj; y u r applying mehndi? Arjun; ya he is right for the success party?. Both shook their heads. Suraj; then? Chakor; Karwa Chauth. Arjun; ? today is Karwa Chauth Bhagya y didn’t u told me. Bhagya; y should I?. Arjun; u know y… Chakor; y?.. Arjun; nothing… ☹. He was drinking his cup of tea. Suraj; r u having a fast? Chakor n Bhagya nod. Suraj; oh. Rani; play. Suraj; ok. He played with Rani n didn’t eat how could he… he was mostly thinking of Chakor how she could keep thus fast for the whole day. Suraj tried to avoid the food n disappear when lunch comes.

Suraj has gone out he wanted to buy her something but the money he had. He spend it all on the chain. Suraj was
frustrated what could he do besides the fast he was taking for her… nothing comes in hus mind but he knew one thing she will be happy. Suraj comes home later than he thought. Chakor scold him as the preparation were going on n the guest could come anytime. Suraj went to the kitchen – Chakor I will make u Loki ke parathe I remember on the first Karwa Chauth where I took u out u loved them -.

The night came n most of the guest arrived Bhagya had called Aryan n hus family too ask them if they want to accompany them for the rituals. Aryan n hus family agrees n they were there too like Adi who was happy seeing Chakor so happy with her family.

Suraj’s stomach was aching Arjun; I saw it. Suraj; what? Arjun; u didn’t eat. Suraj; what no that’s not true. Arjun; in the past I used to have this fast too but don’t know y Bhagya didn’t told it me. But I’m happy seeing u to have this fast. Suraj smiled.

All the woman went out to tge garden they were looking up to the sky n were looming for the moon…. Chakor; I’m so hungry… Bhagya; don’t worry just a little bit more. Kajal; yes then u can have water n food. Chakor; I’m so happy finally meeting u. Kajal; me too. Bhagya; haan happy my brother didn’t lie abt ur incident. Kajal; no he saved me. A woman from the back; look the moon.

All the mens were standing in front of their wives. The wives took a sieve n looked to the moon n then to the face of their husband they pray for them n took their blessings. Suraj stopped her for taking hus blessings he didn’t like that but Chakor insisted as its a ritual n they have to follow. Chakor waited for the first drop of water n first feed of food. Suraj took the water cup of the tray which she used for her pray n gave her the first sip on the tray was also a sweet which he gave her n she ate. The fast was now broken.

Suraj stomach was screaming. Chakor; Suraj… she reconstructs the day n just got to know. U didn’t eat anything. Suraj; just like u… he said. Chakor; but I did a fast for ur long life Suraj; n I did fast for ur long life. Chakor; what?. Suraj; y? is there a problem? can’t I. I mean if u can then I can too. Chakor smiled her eyes filled with tears. U took a fast for me?. Suraj nod. Chakor took the water n made him drink n half bite of ger sweet she gave him now his fast was broken too.

All went in n celebrate Chakors success. Aryan; u must be very lucky Chakor having Suraj as ur husband. Chakor; haan who wouldn’t like to have a husband like him who takes a fast for ur long life. Every1 heard it Suraj took a fast too!!. Most of them said. Chakor smiled she admires n respects him noe even more. Adi; I did what u told me to do. They must be reaching anytime. Chakor; Thank u Adi.

The doorbell rings n Suraj opens the doir a bunch of media reporters were there. Suraj; ya what u want?. A reporter; we r here for Chakor runner 501. Suraj; oh ok just a moment. Suraj went in Chakor there r reporters outside waiting for u. Chakor; shook her head no for us. Suraj got confused but Chakor took his hand n went out to the reporters.

A reporter; Miss Chakor. Chakor; no I’m Mr. Chakor Suraj Rajvanshi she was holding his hand saying. Suraj was just looking at her – it was the first time she said it to the media on her own will without any reason to save him -. Chakor; today I want u all to meet my husband the man who saved me n brought me back. He was the one who never left my side nor he trusted the reports. The true is I never wanted to go in retirement but I was trapped n Suraj got me out Today im here just bcz of him. I can run only bcz of u. Ur support is my biggest strenght without u I couldn’t bear the blame u supported me n risked ur life. Suraj Thank u. Suraj was speechless. The reporters wanted to know more but it was all Chakor had to say.

The party went on n Suraj was up in their room. Chakor came in. Suraj r u here?. Suraj; ya I am. Chakor; y r u here the party is still going on. Suraj; I didn’t like to stay there. Chakor; y? Suraj; what u said it… it gives me an unique feeling. Chakor hold his hand. Suraj; Chakor I really love u but u just said the world im ur husband. Chakor; like before but this time I said bcz I wanted it n there was nothing wrong I didn’t lie. Suraj; no of course u didn’t but still. Chakor; r u scared bcz of KN he may find us now. Suraj; even if he can’t harm us. Chakor; then?. Suraj; don’t know… it’s u r so gud n I’m just a goon son of KN. Chakor; no u r not u r much more. Suraj smiled. Chakor smiled back. what is y r u looking like that. Suraj; wait I’ll be just back in a min.

Chakor waited n Suraj comes with a plate. Chakor; whats this?. Suraj; homemade… no handmade loki ke parathe. Chakor eyes git big what really. Suraj nod. He feeds her n she feeds him… Chakor; there r so yummy. Suraj; really?. Chakor nod really she was eating them all but gave him some bites. Suraj; won’t u thank the cook?. Chakor; I will… when I will being the plate back. Suraj; what. Chakor; Bhagya Di is great. Suraj; I made them he showed her his hands on some areas he had burning marks. Chakor ? she put a balm on his hands but before she kissed each burned wound. Chakor hugged him u took a fast n cooked for me. Suraj; bcz I Love u…

So guys tell me u like it or not…
With tge interview there location is now public but Vivaan n Ragini aren’t interested in them…

I want u all know that My whole story is just made of one sentence {I will reveal it on the last epi} n the story is gonna end soon… I thing 5 to 8 chapters it depends on the length of each story n I’m really trying to write as much as possible.

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  1. Sukorlover

    Amazing update. Sukor fasted for each other’s long life???. Suraj even cooked for chakor???. Chakor announced in media about suraj but this time it was love.??. Waiting for next

    1. Sukorian

      thank u dear yes they did fast. Chakor told him something big she will do. I hope its ok ?

  2. Amazing update! Loved how Sukor fasted for each other and Suraj even cooked Chakor’s favorite food ?. Loved how they broke each other’s fast. The press conference was unexpected but shows how much their relationship has changed. You’ve made me curious about the end of the story, looking forward to the next part.

    1. Sukorian

      thank u I’m happy u liked it n the press conference ? I could surprise u ?. I have made this whole ff for one sentence n this will be revealed on the last epi. I said this is just a fun ff bcz I hayed the way of tge Bandhua track went on… maybe if I found more for the story I will surely write as much as possible ?

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