Bandhua – Sukor epi 21


Recap; Chakor has now a clean report n Adi is back. Suraj wasn’t informed by Chakor he got the news from Aryan. Chakor promised him something… for her redemption.
Suraj asked for forgiveness n Adi forgive him they shook hands.

Bhagya; finally we all come together. Suraj; ya. Bhagya; I’m hungry sit on table!. The all sitted on the dining table the food was served hot. Suraj; for tomorrow Adi please join us too. Chakor; haan that would be fabulous. Adi; sure if u want I can’t say no.

Rani was looking at Suraj to get some attention but Suraj eyes were only for Chakor. Bhagya; baby open ur mouth. Rani???. They all looked at her. Arjun; Rani what happen? y r u crying is something hurting. Rani nod n he stood up. Arjun get’s very tensed. Whats hurting. Rani showed on her chest. Arjun ??. Suraj was all Arjun said. Suraj; what I did. Chakor; exactly what u did nothing. Suraj; what! Chakor; I mean u didn’t play with her or hugged her ur routine with her u know she was missing u alot. Suraj; thats it.

Suraj stood up n took in his arms he took out the daily doses of chocolate for her. But she didn’t wanted it she wanted her maamu only maamu. Suraj kissed hrr forehead n caresses her back n stroke her hair. Suraj; Im very hungry today my princess will eat with me. Rani smiled she comes up to his cheek ??. Suraj blushed ? a bit. He sitted back on his place n gave her the first bite. Rani formed a bite with her hands n tried to feed Suraj. Suraj; oh for me he opens his mouth n she put the rest left food of her hand in his mouth. Suraj was chewing Thank u. Rani; we…we..l.come ?. Suraj n Ranis bond was unique even Adi notices it.

Arjun; she never cries for my attention n love. Bhagya; Arjun… she knows she will get what she want if she asked for it. Suraj n Chakor even Rani nod. N Adi laughed.

Adi thanked them fir the food he n Chakor did a quick interview n then left but promised to come on the next evening for the party.

Rani was playing with Suraj in her room. Tea party at 8 pm. Bhagya; Rani its sleeping time no if no buts no discussion mummy is always right. Suraj looked at her n smiled. Rani followed Bhagya word n gave Suraj a gud night kiss. Suraj left the room but waited outside he sits on the floor waiting for Bhagya.

Bhagya comes out after a few minutes n got a shock seeing Suraj on the floor. Bhagya; Suraj what happen?. Suraj looked up he has red eyes he stood up n hugged her. Bhagya; Suraj mummy ki yaad arahi hai {r u missing mom}? Suraj nod. Bhagya took Suraj to his room n made him lie on her lap. She stroke his hair. Suraj; Di don’t u miss her? Bhagya; I do miss her but… Suraj; but what…? I know she did wrong but trust me she change for better. Bhagya kissed his forehead n stayed there till he feel asleep.

Chakor was waiting outside she didn’t wanted to ruin the bro-sis talk. Bhagya; felt her funny… Chakor looked up. Bhagya; I could feel u waiting here but I couldn’t feel him when he was waiting. Chakor; Bhagya Di I miss my parents too n Imli I know she did bad but still she is my sister. Bhagya; when I can forgive my brother then y can’t u forgive ur sister. Chakor hugged her she cried in her arms. Arjun; oh wrong timing. Bhagya n Chakor shook their heads. Chakor wipes her tears away n stood up Bhagya too.

Bhagya n Arjun went to their room Chakor enters her room on her toes just not to wake him. Chakor took out a shirt she didn’t switched on the light so she couldn’t see that it’s Suraj one. Suraj sleep was weak he hears her n turned his eyes were sticking on her thanks to Chandu ji.

Chakor took off her clothes n the moonlight was giving her some light she wore Suraj shirt. She stiff the collar up n smell on it. Suraj; smiled oh madam u can smell on me y my shirt the real meat is here. Chakor didn’t get shy or red she went angry. Suraj got scared – oh oh -. Chakor cones to the bet sge turned her face to the wall put the blanket on her. Suraj; no reply…

Suraj comes closer n said in her ear. Listen Mrs. Suraj Rajvanshi I dont like it when u keep ur anger in u. Chakor; turned u call urself meat does it mean I’m just a piece u like to…. use she shiver saying this. Suraj; I called myself meat but it was just a joke. Chakor; bad one. Suraj; ok bad one sorry. He kissed her tears away.

Chakor liked it n she was strong enough to change her position. Now she was lying on top of Suraj, who doesn’t have any problems. Chakor sit on him. Suraj; Chakor what r ur intentions bcz I’m getting a feeling.

Chakor – now its time for payback u let me search u for hours -.

Chakor put her hand on her cheek. Suraj got confused but then she took Suraj undershirt n pull it over him. So topless Suraj n Chakor went over his body with her cold hands. She said I need ur heat. Suraj shivers – what is she doing I’m sure I will need a cold shower -. Chakor was sitting on his lap so tingle was feel able.

But Suraj thought no n turned. Suraj; tomorrow u will fulfil ur promise to me it’s weekend. He took the blanket n pulled it over both of them. Chakor giggles but u know y…. Suraj kissed her many times before she gave up on him….

So next update the promise n the part n it will be a longer update.

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  1. Sukorlover

    Awesome update. Suraj&rani moment was so cute??. Bhagya & suraj moment was so emotional??, their childhood was a nightmare. Chakor is so naughty?. Loved sukor romance☺️☺️. Waiting for next

    1. Sukorian

      thank u hopefully u will get more romance on the next update

  2. Amazing update! Rani-Suraj scene was cute. Loved how Suraj couldn’t take his eyes off Chakor. Felt sad for Suraj when he cried, Sukor and Baghya are missing their families. Loved Sukor romance. Can’t wait for the next update.

    1. Sukorian

      thank u ??? haan next update more romance ?

  3. Amazung update i feel sukor may return to azaadganj soon rani suraj bond is very cute

    1. Sukorian

      haan u r right they will return but maybr I will give her a marathon run… not sure yet

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