Bandhua – Sukor epi 20

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Recap; Suraj had his first week at the office n got a P.A which made Chakor angry… but Suraj could handle it after a talk with Aryan. Chakors result r there she is now drug free n Kunal called many reporters to announce it one of them Aditya Ishwar Rawat.

Chakor hugged him tightly Adi. Adi; Mrs. Chakor Rajvanshi what r ur future plans?. Chakor wipes her tears away. I will run again n I will win not only for me but for all my supports who never left my side n always supported me. Adi; this was Aditya Rawat from channel 11. See in our next show an exclusive interview with Runner 501. Gud bye have a nice day.

Suraj was in hus cabin n just waiting for Chakors call – y she hasn’t called me yet maybe something happen I have to go I have to find her – Suraj stood up n was ready to leave but Aryan knocked at the door n comes in.  Suraj; Aryan… what happen? Aryan; Suraj y r u so tensed didn’t u hear the breaking news? Suraj; no y?. Aryan took out his mobile phone n showed him the current breaking news. Aryan; its everywhere on every news channel, radio n net ur wife clarified no drugs were found in ger body she can make a comeback n thats what she announce here. Aryan played Chakors speech. Suraj had big smile on his face. Aryan; now I understand y u asked for a small advance n a day off. Suraj go through his hair with his right hand. Suraj; ya but there is no need anymore ?. Aryan; what ok at least take this ur advance better say ur payment of ur first week.?. Suraj; thx. Aryan; u remember… Suraj; what?. Aryan; u invited me n my family. Suraj; ya I remember. Aryan; is there a better timing then now. Suraj shook his head. Tomorrow there will be a party u n ur family r specially invited.

Aryan left the cabin n Suraj was just thinking of Chakor – y hasn’t she called me. She said its fine when I go to work hmm she angry? -.

Chakor Bhagya Arjun Rani n Adi went to their home. Chakor; Adi im so happy to see u again. Adi; me too after the incident at Azaadghanj I thought that I would never see u again. Chakor; I understand I thought the same. Adi; so runner 501 what has happened to u? U have to tell me everything. Bhagya; first let’s go in n  have some food n then u can chat with each other. Chakor nodded n Adi too. They eat n Chakor told him all what happens after he left.

Suraj finally did it. He end his job n left the office. Chakor must be waiting for me but I won’t talk to her y hasn’t she call me?

Suraj comes home n ring the door bell. Arjun opens it Suraj was expecting Chakor his smile vanished.

Arjun; look who has come home. Suraj was grumpy he comes in but didn’t say anything to any1. Chakor; Suraj! she jumped up to hug him but he stepped back. Chakor got confused… Suraj; y didn’t u call u wanted to inform me abt the results do u know Aryan had to come n tell ne the results of my wife. Btw he n hus family are coming tomorrow to celebrate with us but no1 wants to celebrate with me bcz no1 finds it important to inform me. Bhagya; Suraj!. Suraj; Di I’m absolutely u don’t me here fine I will leave. Suraj goes up in anger he throw his stuff comes down…. remorseful. Rani y r u sitting on his lap n y is he here?. Chakor; he took my interview n yippi we will have party tomorrow… n I’m sorry I didn’t inform u just bcz… Suraj; bcz of him… I thought I overreact but no I was right u don’t want me to be a part of ur happiness. He looked at Rani u betray me too. Rani ?‍♀️?. Suraj; u can show this fake innocent to some else. He left in anger… n slammed the door.

Arjun; u didn’t inform him…? Bhagya; really u didn’t…? Rani; bad n turned her face… Adi; well even I think u should have had informed him. Chakor; I forgot… to send the message she showed her mobile n all hit the palm on their foreheads.

Chakor runs out n was looking for Suraj. Suraj was sitting in the garden on the swing. Chakor; Suraj… she was shouting his name but wasn’t responding. Chakor comes back with a sad face then she saw a small light in the garden. Chakor – Suraj -. Chakor was relieved it was Suraj.

Chakor; Suraj I’m looking for u since an hour n u r here y didn’t u say something. He turned his face n said I’m not talking to u bcz u don’t talk to me. Chakor went down on her knees n hold her ears I’m sorry. He jumped off the swing right infront of her. Suraj; don’t fall on ur knees never again. Chakor; I won’t if u forgive me. Suraj; ?. I need to think abt it u hurt me he walked away. Chakor stood up walking behind him. Suraj I’m sorry I never had the intention to hurt u. U know how much I Love u. Suraj; No I don’t prove me that u love me the most. Chakor; confused how? Suraj; don’t know. Chakor; fine come in. I will serve n feed u the food. I will massage ur head n shoulders n hmm she whispers in his ear… Suraj ? just do that n we r fine. Chakor; chii. Suraj; u offered me. besides I have a gift for u. Chakor; really. Suraj nod. He took a chain out of his pocket n made her wear it. It was a heart with their initials. Chakor; Thank u but how u could… Suraj put his finger on her lips. I got an advance for my first week of work. Chakor hugged him maybe u will get a double amount of love. Suraj; don’t give me hopes u can’t fullfill. Chakor; how do u want to know. Suraj; I’m pretty sure I was the first man. Chakor ? of course she hit him n they walked in the house.

Adi; They r back. Arjun; oh she found him in the garden. Bhagya; if she findout we didn’t told her… Arjun; don’t tell her… Adi nod he is right.

Chakor; we r back. All three; oh love birds. Suraj went to Adi n Adi stepped back in fear. Suraj gave him his hand. Suraj; I’m sorry for everything what happened in Azaadghanj. Adi was surprised but Chakor told him how much he has changed Adi; it’s ok ?.

The beginning of another friendship

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  1. Sukorlover

    Amazing update. Suraj was so angry when no one informed him about chakor’s test result?. Loved suraj’s gift to chakor☺️ What will chakor do to convince suraj. Adi & suraj are friends now. Waiting for next

    1. Sukorian

      thank u haan I’m yet thinking what she coukd do for Suraj ?

  2. Amazing update! Felt for Suraj, he was worried about Chakor but got to know of the good news from strangers, still I’m happy he brought her a gift, the way he was disappointed with Rani when he saw her with Adi was cute. Loved Sukor talk in the garden. What were Adi, Arjun and Baghya talking about when Sukor returned? Can’t wait for the next update.

    1. Sukorian

      haha thank u the trio knew that Suraj was in the garden but they didn’t infrom Chakor as they thought it was her mistake n they let her unnecessary search for him ??

  3. Amazing updatecsuraj felt so hurt but i cant wait to see ehat chakor does to prove her love

    1. Sukorian

      haan lets see ??

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