Naira POV-

What d hell! Dis train z also getting late. Actually, it’s obvious. How can anything b right in my life? Thank god no 1 till now knows that I m missing. Btw who would look after me also? My parents bzy I’m making my marriage plans, 2 send me away from dem. Anyways its win-win 4 dem. I myself z going away.

D train arrived at d last. Omg! I m so tired. Maybe I could have thought something another. I get on wid my only belongings some money, a small bag a golden clutch a little big 1 in it I have my all imp. Documents n my passport my sm clothes only wid me now. I take d seat at d end n sit wid my bag.

My grandmother, Nikita Maheshwari, was so good n kind hearted. I shared a good relationship wid her. She told me that they found a handkerchief wid me in which it was written “Jab hmare naam milte hai to tmhra bnta hai (when our names meet, it becomes urs)” n below it was written in bold “NAIRA” n then “hum sab tmse pyaar krte hai (v all love u)”. That why they named me Naira. I almost started crying remembering those memories. I agree I m very emotional. I still have tat white wid floral designs hanky wid those beautiful words stitched on it by light pink n navy blue. Once I just thought 2 find my real identity so I just straight away asked my parents but they were numb on d matter n guessing its hard 2 find d truth I just gave up. I jus donna them nor want to no. woo mere liye nahi, main unke liye nahi (I m not 4 dem nor they r 4 me).

B4 sleeping I asked myself-

M I frightened? Yes

M I being a scary kitten? Yes

M I nervous? Yes

M I losing my mind? 100 times yes

M I on d wrong path? Definitely no

Thnkgod! In my eyes I m right.

That why I love dis stupid me.

*dozed off

Hi frndz this z me Anshupriya back wid d next chappy of Bandhan. This ff z being written by me n my frnd Kaushiki. Plz ignore grammatical errors n typos. Sry 4 d short update. Plz do



Thank u


Stay blessed

Keep smiling

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