Naira POV-

I m running as fast as I can. Very fast. Well, I don’t run this fast. So I m impressed 2 a grt extent by myself. I just reached d railway station in 10 min when usually it takes 25 min. but that’s all if I have decided 2 run away from my house then it’s decided. Its 7:30 n now I remember that I 4got my jacket at home.

Ok lemme introduce myself 2 u. myself Naira Maheshwari or 2 tell d truth I don’t even know my real surname. As u know I m running. Y? coz I m not happy. My parents! Oops correction! My adopted parents think of me as unwanted. Neither they nor me got any choice. Their mother n they were coming from a party when they found me n their mother wanted 2 adopt me but now she left me 4evr. They Cared 4 me all these yrs. Jus coz they felt it as a responsibility. They took nice care of me n never tortured me. But now they want me married. Yes after all I have completed all my studies. But I want 2 b independent so I just ran away from my house.

Well I think I should cut off my adopted surname also 2 start off afresh. So now I m Naira only Naira my name means glittering star but my life z going total opposite.

Varsha n Shaurya have no child of their own.
Maheshwaris live in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.
3. Singhaniya n Goenka family lives in Mumbai, India.

Hi frndz this z me Anshupriya back wid d next chappy of Bandhan. Thanks a lot 2 all those who commented on d intro. This ff z being written by me n my frnd Kaushiki. Plz ignore grammatical errors n typos. Sry 4 d short update. Plz do


Thank u


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