Well I actually don’t know how do I thank u all for ur support and sorry for the drastic decision but anyways will try to continue A Hero’s Love Story….. So I would like to see all ur support in the last parts also……
Ans I have a news to share with u all that I have started posting my stories on wattpad too… So just wanted ur support there also….My wattpad ID is Praju2797…….
So lets gear back to the story…..

Slowly Arnav gains senses and the first name he shouted of was Swara……
Arnav:(wakes up with a jerk)Gudiya………..
Khushi who was sitting beside him immediately goes to him and cups his face and gets teary eyed..
Khushi:(with so much of love and concern)Arnav…..
Arnav:(looks here and there and panicked)Khushi…..Doll…where is my doll????Gudiya….. Princess where are u????

Khushi:(trying to calm him down)Arnav….Listen…. Plz listen ……..
Arnav:(gets up from the bed while Khushi tries her level best to stop him)Doll……
When he was about to near the door he stumbles,when Khushi catches him ….
Khushi:Arnav ,plz u need rest …..

Arnav:(pushes her with anger)No, my Princess needs me now…. I want to see her right now… (points finger to her)And u don’t have any right to come in between us…. Understood…
Saying this he goes out from the room while Khushi stands there numb and only his words were revolving in her mind…. Soon she is brought back to reality hearing Arnav’s screams….
She runs out to only find Arnav trying to enter Swara’s room and shouting at everyone and Sanskar trying to control him….

Sanskar:Arnav plz try to understand ….Swara is kept under observation…. We can’t meet her for some hours….
Arnav:(shouting)I said move out of my way…. I want to see my Doll….
Inspite of all trying to stop Arnav,he pushes everyone and enters the room only to find his life, his first child and his everything lying lifelessly on the bed with a bandage on her forehead….

He stumbles seeing her and tears start forming in his eyes….He reaches her and sits near her bed on his knees and carefully carreses her face with shivering hands…
Arnav:(says with atmost love and care in a low tone)Princess….. (sees her not responding) Gudiya….. I know ur angry na…. But bachha trust me… I’m only ur real brother….Ur Bhaiyu… Whatever u heard was just half truth Bachha….. U know na I can’t live without u then why are u punishing me like this???? Plz get up Doll….(choking voice)Okay I’ll tell u what happened that day but u have to promise me that u will never leave me ….And if u try to do anything like this then I swear I’ll kill myself….(carresing her hair)

(Guys I’ll give the flashback in brief )

That day when after police took Nikhil’s dad, Maasi said that she knows that Swara is not his real sister…..Hearing this all are shocked and specially Arnav….
Khushi: Maasi,what are u telling????
Maasi:Khushi..This is the truth…That day I went to Arnav’s study to see his property papers and I found them and something else with it….. It looked like a old file….First I opened the property papers and found that he has named all his property on Swara’s name without even thinking about u or ur future…. I got very angry and then my eyes fell on the file and I opened that found some adoption papers and Arnav’s name was written on that…. When I went through the papers I got to know that Arnav was adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Rajput…. I felt insecure for ur future and so did all this …..

Khushi:(angry and hurt)Maasi….How could u do this????? Arnav has given me everything which a girl dreams for…. And u know that I never was interested in property and money … But still Arnav has given me so much property that I could never think of…. Its true that his entire property is on Swaru’s name but he has bought lands and farm house on my name too… But u….Swaru is so innocent maasi… but how could u play wit her life????
Maasi:But I was just scared for ur future beta… And Arnav is not the real hier of Rajputs and I was just scared that Swara would snatch everyhting from u ….But that Singhania was playing smart with me and trying to get the whole property on his name….
Arnav:(roaring)Just shut up….. If u don’t stop ur nonsense right there then I’ll never think before killing u…..And yes those papers are real……

[Swara heard only till this and was shattered on knowing that the person she thought her life is not her real brother and even that he and Sanskar cheated her… and she ran away]
Arnav:Those papers are real but Gudiya is my own blood….She is my own sister because those adopton papers were of my Dad’s brother who had adopted a chils and coincidentally his name was Arnav….. So dare u say anything about my Doll….

Sanskar:(interrupting)And now if ur clear so plz never ever show me ur face otherwise I’ll forget that u have any relationship with us…..

Khushi:(teary eyed)Maasi…plz leave…
Maasi leaves from there and Arnav consoles Khushi…..
======Flashback ends======
Arnav:(holding her hands in his palms)Princess now at least open ur eyes…. I’m sorry for not telling u about Sanskar but plz Doll understand na…. U know right ur Bhaiyu can never even think of hurting u ,then ….. I’ll do whatever u’ll tell but talk to me na…Plzzzz……(crying vigorously)
Sanskar and Khushi was seeing all this from the small window and were crying seeing their partners in such state…
Here Arnav senses some movement in Swara and looks up at her…. Seeing her opening her eyes he gets happy ……

Swara:(in a weak and feeble voice)Bhaiyu…..
Arnav:(smiles hearing her calling Bhaiyu)Gudiya……
And soon he engulfs her in a hug and starts crying like a small child…. Swara was also crying and tries to hug him back but due to weakness could not…
Arnav breaks the hug and cups her face and kisses her all over her face and again hugs her… Soon the door opens and Sanskar and Khushi enter with the doctor …. Seeing them Arnav breaks the hug and Khsui comes to her and kisses her forehead…. Swara was looking at Sanskar while he was looking at her with painful eyes….

Doctor:Mr.Rajput… u all stay out till I check Mrs.Maheshwari……
Arnav:(side hugs her possessively)No I’m not leaving anywhere….
Doctor:But u urself need rest as u were also unconsicious…So plz u also go and rest rest….
Swara gets shocked and loks at Arnav while he assures her that he is fine… But Swara is Swara…
Swara:(weakly)Bhaiyu……Plz rest …..apko meri kasam….[U’ve my promise]
Arnav:(annoyed)Doll…….(she pleads him)Ok but only for one hour… I’ll come back after that…

Soon Arshi went out of the room and Sanskar was standing there at the door only….. Swara was looking at him and they share a painful eyelock….

******To be continued*****

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