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***2 days later after Holi***
Swara was getting ready in her room in a beautiful white and pink anarkali looking very pretty and was thinking something when Sanskar came out from the washroom drying his hair and his feet stopped when he saw Swara and was awstruck to see her ….He was looking at her with so much of love and Swara sensed someone’s gaze on her and looked around to find Sanskar staring her and seeing him only with a towel wound around his waist and was lost in his hotness… Sanskar started moving towards her and Swara came to her senses and mentally slapped herself for thinking such things… But she saw him moving towards him and became nervous and looked everywhere except him….
Sanskar came infront of her and was still gazing her and slowly forwards his hands to her and she closes her eyes but when she feels him not being near she opens her eyes to find him taking the comb kept on the dressing table and standing loooking at her with a naughty smile on his face…. She feels embrassed and turns back ….
Sanskar:(smiles seeing her)By the my Basanti….Where are u going so early ???? That too getting ready so much ????
Swara:(rudely)Why do u care????

Sanskar:(smiles)Of course I would care ,afterall ur my one and only wife(winks )
Swara:But I don’t consider u as my husband….
Sanskar:(gets angry in hearing this and pulls her on him)Don’t u dare Swara…. I agree our marriage was an unexpected one but this is the last time I’m telling u that never ever say that ur not my wife….because u believe or not but ur my wife and even u can’t change this truth and accept it as soon as possible….(calms down and cups her face while she is still shocked with his behavoiur)Swara u believe it or not but I love u and I really mean it….(she gets again shocked hearing his unexpected confession)…(leaves her hands and turns around and his eyes were a little wet)Its okay if u don’t want to tell me about whre ur going but plz take Driver with u and the body gaurds will go with u so take them along ….
Swara:(confused on how to react but sees him going and speaks)Actually I’m going to college as my exams are nearing and I can’t stop my studies in the middle….I have asked Maa-Papa…
Sanskar:Hhhhmmm(goes without seeing her)

After he left Swara sat on the bed thinking about the recent incident…..
Swara:(monolouge)God why are complicating my life so much…. And this Giraffe is also so confusing ….First seeing his care I thought he loves me but then he married me by blackmailing me ….Then he separated me from my Bhaiyu and now he all of a sudden is telling that he love me …. Why is he so confusing???? U know that I love him very much but I can’t stay away from Bhaiyu also but he made me away from my Bhaiyu…. Plz Gannu ji(Lord Ganesh)U only help me now…..
Saying this she left for college while on the other hand Khushi was seen lost in her own thoughts in the kitchen…..
Khushi:(monolouge)What was that which I saw yesterday night???? Why do I feel that something is not right???? Should I talk about this to Arnav???Or should I first find out the entire truth ….

Khushi was in her room when she woke up to drink water and found the water jug empty and was coming down to fill the jug when she saw Maasi going out of the house with a shawl wrapped around her….
Khushi:Maasi…At this time…And where is she going and that too like this??? Is everything okay …I think I should go and check…
Saying this khushi started following Maasi and reached an isolated place and got confused …
Khushi:What is maasi doing at this isolated place????
Just then she sees a man approaching Maasi but Khushi could not see his face due to darkness… she sees them talking to each other or rather arguing over something and then she finds the man giving Maasi some papers and then he leaves the place and even maasi also leaves the place….
/*Flashback ends*/

Khsuhi:I know something is wrong but is it right to doubt Maasi but the situations are all such that I can’t afford to trust anyone specially when Arnav and Swara are getting affected… But I know that my Maasi can never do wrong but still I want to know the truth as I feel that Maasi is in some problem….Mata rani pl help me….
So end this part here and sorry if it didn’t reach ur expectations and do tell me how was the confession …. And I won’t update until I don’t get response… Good or bad will do but I want to know how u feel regarding this ff….If I get good response then next part very soon….

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