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So lets start the next part……

As Sanskar was crying over his fate someone in black jacket and cap(The same man who was present in Swasan’s wedding) came to him and kept his hand on his shoulder… Sanskar turned back and as soon as he saw the person he hugged the man……
Sanskar:(crying)She hates me ….. The girl whom I love the most hates me…….
Man:Im sorry …….

Sanskar:(realeases the hug)She is broken Arnav…..(So the person is Arnav ….Ya ya I know many of my smart sweeties had already guessed it)..She is broken very badly……
Arnav:I know Sanskar …..I know my Doll is hurt but I was helpless….. And because of my selfishness I destroyed ur life also…..I’m sorry…..
Sanskar:(angry)Ur insulting my love Arnav….. What we did was just not ur selfishness but also mine…….(moist voice)I know that may be I don’t love Swara to the extent u love her but I do love her to the extent of my life…….I know I’m hurt but I have faith in my love that soon I would get her love……

Arnav:No Sanskar…..I would have never found a person better than u for my Doll….. I kow that may be the circumstances were not right but believe me Sanskar I have the love in my Princess’ eyes for u …….
Arnav:(smiles)Yes Sanskar ….She might not tell me but I can read her eyes which show only love for u…….
Sanskar:(smiles but again becomes sad)But she hates me now…….

Arnav:(keeps his hand on his shoulder)My Gudiya can never hate anyone……..Specially if she loves someone……(guilty)But I’m sorry….. I had to ask u to marry her forcefully….
Sanskar:No Arnav…..Plz don’t be sorry…..I know that someone is behind Swara’s life and thats the reason u did all this…..
Arnav:No Sanskar the real motive of that man is something else……
Sanskar:What do u mean?????
Arnav:This all started few days after u left to ur trip….Actually I had come to know that U love Gudiya and I wanted to talk to u but could not find any chance so thought to talk to u once u return but one day I recieved a call from some private number …….

Arnav:(busy in his files)Hello…..Who is this???
OT:If u want ur sister to be safe and alive then do as I say…….
Arnav:(furious)What the hell????How dare u talk about my Doll???Who the hell are u????
OT:Cool dowm Mr.Rajput……. And just listen to me ……Or else …..
Arnav:Or else what??? Don’t u know whom are u messing with?????
OT:I very well know whim I’m talking to and if u don’t listen to me then the consequences will be very bad……..

OT:(interrupting)First listen to me……I want u to throe ur sister out of ur life and ur property… She should move out of ur house and never ever come back….
Arnav:How dare u try to seperate me from my sister?????
OT:Not only this u have transfer the property which is on Swara’s name on my name…
Arnav:I’m nt doing anything of this……

OT:I give u time to think….. Think wisely or be ready to lose ur Sister…..
Saying this he cut the call making Arnav angry as well as tensed and after that he tightened thesecurity around Swara but in this one month Swara was attacked many times but she was unaware of this fact and the fear increased and on the night before which Swasan got married someone had tried to harm Swara but was saved at the nick of time …..
Again that day he recieved a call from

Arnav:other number from the same man …..
OT:So Mr.Rajput what have u decided?????I’m ready to do as u say but u would never harm my Doll…..
OT:If u keep up ur words then even I’ll never harm ur sister…..So be ready once ur sister is out of ur house and I’m sure u have kept ur words then I’ll let u know what to do next….

After this Arnav had called Sanskar and asked him to come back as soon as possible and then told him to marry Swara as her life is in danger and then rest u all know…….
Sankar:Arnav didn’t u get any clue about that person?????
Arnav:No Sanskar,I have hired detectives to find the person but there is no clue about him ….

Sanskar:Don’t worry Arnav we will together find that man who is behind all this…….
Arnav:Hope so Sanskar because I can’t see my Doll in such state…..
Sanskar:Okay Arnav I’ll go now mom dad must be waiting….Good Night…..
Arnav:Good Night……
Sorry Guys for a small part but could manage only this and this was revealation special where I have revealed half the mystery……..

Precap:Swasan sweet nok-jhok begins….
Khushi finding Arnav’s behaviour strange……

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