Well I really don’t know how to thank u all….I’m sorry if anyone felt bad but really I felt dissapointed in last few parts but seeing the response on the last part I felt that I do have many readers but most of them are silent and I’am very happy to know that some of u broke ur silence and I promise that as far as people will keep supporting me and loving me I would try my best to entertain u and will try to continue my ff because I can’t make my dear sisters sad and some of u even ordered me so will try my best…
Okay lets continue…..

Swara left from the house to a nearby temple where Sanskar had called her …. She was confused as well as worried thinking why did Sanskar call her to the temole in the midnight and that too alone ……
Swara:(while going to the temple and talking to herself)Why have this Giraffe called me in the temple and he told that he would return after two days then how did he come today and if he had come also why was he sounding so serious and why did he asked me not to tell Bhaiyu and Bhabhi about it…..Arrgghhh…Why is he so confusing????Swara did u get only this man in the whole world to love????How am I going to manage him all my life……(blushes slightly)Challo lets go and ask my idiot Giraffe…..
While Swara was walking towards the temple with mixed feelings ……Sanskar on the other hand was seen walking here and there tensed in the temple ……

Sanskar:(thinks to himself)How am I going to do all this????What will I tell Swara that why am I doing all this…. How will I face her after today as I know that after what I would do today she would hate me… I can bear anything in this world but not her hatred …..(turns to Gannu ji’s(I mean Ganapati ji)idol)Gannu ji U have always been with me in all my problems but where have u brought me today…..
His thoughts were broken by Swara’s voice ….He turns and finds her standing in her night dress looking so cute ….

Swara:(waving her hands in front of him and looks around)Oh hello….Giraffe whats all this??? All this preparations and all and first of all tell me when did u come back and why did u call me here at this time ????Leave all that and tell me why u asked me not to tell to Bhaiyu that u called me here ?????No first……(her non-stop bakbak was interrupted by Sanskar)
Sanskar:(keeps his hand on her mouth)Yaar plz keep quite…..Why do talk so much????? And now keep quite and just listen to me……Did u understand????(on not getting a reply) Now tell yes or no….
Swara signals him through eyes and shows him his hand which is still on her mouth…He realises and removes his hand….
Swara:Whats wrong ????Why are u behaving so weird?????Any problem??????

Sanskar:(turns the other side)Swara u’ll have to marry me……
Swara:(shocked)What???come again….Did u just say what I heard?????
Sanskar:(closes his eyes and turns to her angrily)Yes u heard it right…..I said that u’ll have to marry me……

Swara:(keeps quite and then burst out laughing)Hahahaahhahahahahah……. Oh god Giraffe u don’t even know how to joke …..But must say good try but a very bad one …..
Sanskar:(angrily holds her shoulders)This is not any joke Swara…..I’m very serious and if u will not do as I say then…….
Swara:(somewhere getting scared)Then…..
Sanskar:(jerks her and again turns around)Then U will never be able to see ur brother ever again……

Swara:(not able to believe)Are u in senses ???do u even know what are u speaking???
Sanskar:(coldly)I very well know what I’m doing …..
Swara:(laughs nervously)I know ur joking right??????Giraffe u know u can’t even joke properly…….
Sanskar:(angrily holds her shoulder)I’m not joking….. U have to do this or else u know what will be the consequences……

Swara:(scared and crying)U can’t force me…..I’ll never agree to ur condition…….
Sanskar:I know u will not agree so easily so be ready to face the consequences…..
Saying this he dails someone’s number……
Sanskar:(on call)Yes do the work which I had told u …Till tomorrow it should be completed…. Yeah u’ll get ur money…..
Swara:(scared)Whom are u talking to ????

Sanskar:Nothing just asking my men to settle ur brother …..
Swara:(crying very badly)No…no…don’t do anyhting to my Bhaiyu…..I’ll do as u say but plz don’t do anything to my Bhaiyu……

Sanskar:So comeon get ready….(to panditji)Panditji… start the mantras……
Soon Swara and Sanskar sat down in front of the havan kund ….Swara was still in her night dress only and she was not able to believe what was happening with her…..She was just sitting there like a lifeless body ….. She could not still believe that few hours ago she had realised that she was in love and now the same person was forcefully marrying her by threating her…… She was blankly looking at Sanskar while Sanskar was trying his best to avoid her and her gaze and maintain the same cold expression on his face ….. He was trying hard not to fall weak in front of her…… Just then his gaze went to a person standing a little far from them and watching them and then the man showed him his hand in assurance and he slightly nod his head which was unnoticed by Swara…….

The man was standing there looking at all the happenings ……He had wrapped a shawl around himself and his face was not seen clearly….
Soon the pandit asked Swasan to exchange the garlands and after that both sat down….. The priest did their gathbandhan and asked them to stand for the pheras….Sanskar was taking the pheras with a guilt of hurting her and with determination that he would protect her …. While Swara was not in a condition to think anything she was just so confused that her love could not do this with her but that was the truth and this was happening with her in real…….After the pheras were completed Sanskar filled Swara’s maang and then tied mangalsutra around her neck….. The priest declared them as husband wife……..

Sanskar:(giving the pandit his dakshina)Thanks panditji……
Pandit:God Bless u beta……May ur relation be strong and pure and u stay together always…..

Sanskar:(to Swara)Swara…..lets go…..We have to share this good news with ur Bhai and Bhabhi……
Hearing this Swara froze at her place……..

********To be continued*******

I hope to get the same response like I got on the previous part……. I would be glad if all the silent readers break their silence and join our small BANDHAN family…..

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  1. Nice I love it but who is the person ?

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    Update next part as soon as possible

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    Hi praju.
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    And today my heartbeat really beat fast wen sanskar had to marry swara under majboori.. hoping for the best and keep on continuing to write more ff’s.. Eagerly waiting for next one..

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