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Shan di:my eldest sissy…
Nagamanasa di:I’ll call u naggu di(i hope u don’t mind)
a,Deeksha gupta,SNY,Somya sha di,
Soujanya:my little sis
Adi:kiddo ur very naughty
AnuAnn Di,Sri(small sis),mannu (yeah u r my twin sis)
Febi:command accepted(elder didi)

Challo lets start the next part ……..
Here Arnav was thinking something very deeply and it is easily evident from his eyes that he sad or rather guilty……
Arnav:(to himself)Oh god what have I done?????Without even knowing the complete matter I just said so much to Khushi…….She was trying to tell her view but I was so much worried for my Doll that I just bursted away my anger on her…… Now how will I face her???????
Thinking this he remembers the happening of today morning
Arnav was waiting impatiently for Swara to gain consiciousness ……As soon as he found some movement in her hand he immediately rushed to her and saw her opening her eyes……As soon Swara opened her eyes a smile crept on his face …..He helped her to sit properly and hugged her tightly with tears flowing from his eyes…..But soon he parted away making Swara confused..
Swara:(shocked to se tears in his eyes)Bhaiyu…….
Arnav:(avoiding eye contact)Swara u need rest ….I’ll send doctor and u be with ap aunty and dp uncle ……

Swara:(starts crying hearing Swara)Bhaiyu I’m sorry but don’t call me Swara…..I’m ur princess na..
Arnav:(turning towards the door to hide his tears)I’ll come back fast…….
Soon Arnav leaves the hospital and on the way calls Khushi and asks her to come a lonely place.
When Arnav reaches there he finds Khushi present there….Seeing him Khushi gets happy and goes towards him….
Khushi:(happily)Arnav have to changed ur mind?????I knew that u would surely accept my love….
Arnav:(cutting her off angrily)Wow what a plan miss.Khushi… I didn’t know that u can do this …. I had already told you not to involve my doll in this matter but still u…..
Khushi:(confused)What do u mean????What did I do????
Arnav:Oh plz…..Khushi…..U don’t need to act now ……U know what because of ur selfishness I could have lost my sister…. Today she is in the hospital just because of u…..
Khushi:(with an unbelievable look and hurt by his words)Do u really think that I’m selfish ??????
Arnav:(no reply)
Khushi:Fine ur silence has given me my answer…..And thank u for showing me my place….
Saying this she goes from there while Arnav was hurt too but ignores his feelings that were rising seeing Khushi in such state and goes to his house to prepare for Swara’s birthday…….
##Flahback ends##
Arnav wipes his tears and after Swara’s words that she wants her Bhabhi he thinks to give his and Khushi’s relation a chance but now he had the most difficult task to do i.e. to apologize and convince Khushi…… Though he has an experience of convincing Swara but she is his sister and Khushi has a different place in his heart……

————–In Maheshwari Mansion—————-
Sanskar was standing near his window looking at the moon and engrossed in his deep thoughts..
**Sanskar’s pov**
I don’t know what my “Heartbeat” has done to me?????I like to her irritated face when I call her “Heartbeat” and to irritate her more I just call her “Angry Bird”…….I know she has not yet realised her feelings for me but i don’t want to force myself on her……That’s the reason I try to behave as if I love to irritate ….But when today I came to know about Swara, I didn’t know how to react.But then seeing Arnav’s condition I had to calm myself down because he was totally numb……. Then I searched all possible places with Arnav and his gaurds but could not find her… I felt as if my Heartbeat was sinking but then Arnav called me and told me to see the graveyard.. I went there with lots of hope and I could find a girl sitting near a grave and as went closer my happiness knew no bounds but soon it faded away seeing her falling unconsiciuos ….I ran to her and my eyes caught a snake that was going from there…..I realised that Swara was bitten by a snake and I could not understand anything and just started sucking out the blood from her leg… Soon everything wnt blank in front of me ….Then when I woke up I found myself in hospital with mom and dad with worried faces…. I assured them that I was fine and went to see my life…

When I entered the room I saw her crying and I immediately went to her ….Sensing me she immediately hug me and told me that Arnav was angry with her….I could not see tears in her eyes so I assured her that I would convince Arnav and her cute innocent face was making me fall for her more….. Then I went to Arnav and came to know that today is my Heartbeat’s birthday….So i helped Arnav in making her day beautiful…….. And when she got the surprise she was jumping like a kid……My sweet little kiddo…….. But seeing her in the white dress I was like I’m in heaven because she was like an angle ……indeed an angle…… But the most lovely part was the hug and the kiss that I got after she recieved my gift…….Indeed it was my best day and now I hope that she realises her fellings soon beacuse I won;t be able to sty away from her for much time……..

**pov ends**
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Recap:Swara’s prank
Arnav manaoing Khushi

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