WELL THANK U GUYS FOR LIKNG MY STORY ……. And Shan di thank u for ur opinion and from now on I will write in normal font and try not using caps.. and thank u all who encouraged me and hope the no. of comments will increase…….
Lets start………

Arnav realses the hug and asks Swara to get ready and come down for breakfast…. She goes to freshen up while Arnav leaves towards the dining table odering the servants to arrange the breakfast….. Arnav gets seated and gets busy in his mobile checking mails as well as waiting for his princess….. He feels two arms around his shoulder from back and he very well knows that it is his princess….
Arnav:Good morning gudiya……

Swara:(while sitting on the chair next to her bhaiyu) Good morning Bhaiyu…….. U are again busy na???????
Arnav:(smiling at her) who said? I can never be busy for my princess …… Now come let’s have bf… U are getting late for college na???? And haan don”t forget to take ur body gaurds with u…….
Swara:(while making a cute puppy face)Bhaiyu………
Arnav:Yes baccha……..
Swara:Bhaiyuuuuu……….(blinking her eyes and with a puppy face)
Arnav:(understanding her unspoken words)No princess ur body gaurds will accompany u and I’m very serious about it.
Swara:(getting sad) Plz na bhaiyu …… All my friends and classmates tease me u know??????They call me lilliput because of ur gaint bodygaurds who keep following me……. Huh…..
Arnav:(smiles at her sentence)Okay baba…… I’ll tell them not to follow u but they will always be around u…..
Swara:But whats the need bhaiyu??????? See I’m grown up now(stands up and shows her muscles)and strong also……(says proudly)

Arnav:(smiles and pulls her down and makes her sit)See princess now i agreed to ur one condition na?(she nods) Then now u will not argue over this okay…..
Swara:(nods unwillingly)But those gaints should not come in front of me….
Arnav:Okay but now come have ur bf…… Challo muh kholo( come on open ur mouth)…
Swara:(smiles and open her mouth)Aaaaaaaaaaaa…….
Seeing her Arnav shakes his head and takes a piece of paratha near her mouth but she holds his hand
Swara:No first give my choco…….(before she could complete Arnav takes a big chocolate from his coat pocket and places it on the table and fed her as her mouth was opened)
Arnav:Now no more talks….
Swara simply nods and Arnav lovingly feeds her as well as himself. They finish their bf and bid bye to each other and leave to their respective destinations i.e. Arnav to his office and Swara to college…
Arnav asked Swara’s body gaurds to disguise themselves and be near Swara …….

“At Swarn Industries”
Arnav entered the office and all his staff stood up and wished him while he just gave a look at them and entered his cabin followed by his manager……
Arnav:(While sitting on his chair)Atul (manager) have all the candidates come for the interview?
Atul: Yes Sir….. U can start the interview ……
Just then his phone rings which was from one of the bodygaurd and after picking up the call he starts panicking and leaves after telling Atul to handle the interview……
At Swara’s college
Arnav enters the college only to find Swara standing in the ground and crying and her friends trying to console her but all in vain…. As soon as Swara sensed Arnav’s presence she ran into his arms and started crying more badly……. Arnav was hell worried seeing his doll in such state…

Now keep guessing why Swara is crying?
Will Arnav be able to console her?
I know guys u all are waiting for Sanskar’s and Khushi’s entry but guys keep little patience ……
hope to see a increase in the comments…….

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  1. Crazykipuh

    Kya yar
    U left at suspense 🙁

    I was waiting desperately for ur story
    Any way its awsm
    Try to post a bit longer plzzx

  2. Nagamanasa

    Awesome bonding between arnav and swara dear…loved it but you left it with a suspense dear…not next one soon

  3. Ya its too short and yaa waiting for sanskar

  4. SNY

    Awesome dr…
    Nxt one soon..

  5. Excellent….. waiting for the next update soon.

  6. AnuAnn

    Loved it dear

  7. Abirsha

    Awesome dr….. Loved it….. But its short and thank you for considering my opinion….. ?

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