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Bandhan 9th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ria sees gansh with the balloon. She says why he comes in front of me again and again. A balloon flashes before her eyes. she says whenever i meet him i feel like i know him. whats his relationship with me? A man comes and says he has earned this balloon with so much wit. I can eat a lot with him. Ganesh gives the rakhi to ria. Ria takes the balloon and binds him the rakhi. She hugs him, ganesh recalls when darpan did the same.

Sameer is watching the competition video. He goes into a dark room where he has abducted a man. Samer takes off the hoddie from his face. He says you have been punished for what you have done, but i wont starve you to death. i have brought you apples, they are good for health. He says no. Sameer eats it himself. SAmeer says i am placing it here.


Shubha is working with ria. Kajal says you never forget to make her favorite sweets. Shubha says where is she? kajal says i don;t know. Shubha says go call him. They hear ganesh screaming. Ria comes home with ganesh. papa asks who is he? Ria says he was lost in market so i brought him here. Ria says i will return when we find his master. He says i knew it. She hugs him. Kajal says look at the rakhi on his trunk. Ria says whe i bind rakhi to ganpati i feel empty but today i feel complete. i feel like God has sent him as my brother. Shubha says he is not domestic he is a wild animal how will we handle him? Ria says don’t worry. He agrees to whatever i say. ria says say hello to my mummy papa. ganesh is reluctant. papas says let him stay here i don’t think he will go. All animals love ria.

Sameer calls ria, ria says i was not interested in working with him. I wont do it, he is so rude. Kajal says he is dying to talk to you. sameer asks ria are you home? Ria says its not some talent i know my home. He says come to office tomorrow sharp 9. Ria says i am not coming. sameer says you need to know the hindrances in our work, it did this for you better. you are talented. ria says why you choose wrong way? He says its different but its not wrong. i have no intention to hurt you but if you are working wiith the best your have to be the best. ria says i will reach my 9 okay bye.

Shubha says that elephant should live here. Ria used to see a dream in which she see an elephant. she keeps drawing elephants. SHe has an elephant now who listens to her. try to understand, he might have some relation with her past. He says are you doing right with her? should we hide her past from her? We should tell her that she is not our daughter, we found her in water, ganesh overhears it.

Precap-the man in abduction tries to run. He reaches sameer’s office. Ria says who are you? what you want?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. this soap needs new writers to fix the wrong scripts that was written before to undo what the writers did to Mahesh and his wife please writers we did not really see Mahesh die bring him back into the picture so that darpan could get her memory restored and writers if you need help with the script writing I would willingly help you free of charge

    1. Totally agree wt u Gloria…..

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