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Scene 1
Thonday comes and says good morning sir to Mahesh. mahesh hugs him. He says who is the new DG? Thonday says he has been transferred from somewhere. mahesh says i am here for my salary and i have been waiting for him since long. Tonday says sir its officer’s room. I am sorry but you have to sit outside. mahesh says i understand. Prabha calls mahesh and tells him about what happened at the market. he says how could they do this. tell darpan that i will bring her a dress and cake. prabah does exactly what he said. She syas baba is bringing you better cake and dress. darpan says why is everyone doing this to us? The idol seller stops prabha and says eeryone is scared he has done it. he points at dev. He says he has forced everyone to behave with you this way. De throws mud from his car

on prabha. He says i am sorry mrs karnik. darpqan says how dare you. he says i apoligized already adn this road is ffor people with a car. his men laugh on her. He races his car to leave but his car is not starting. darpan laughs. ganesh has held their car from his trunk. Everyone laughs on them. dev says leave my car. Prabha says ganesh leave the car. He does and dev falls dow with a thud in the mud. darpan says people like you belong there on the mud. this road is for everyone.

Mahesh says to DG how can you freeze my account. its my salary account. He says itsthe rule. mahesh says you can ask anyone. he says i am not accountable to you. mahesh says i will talk to head quarters. He says you will soon have to leave the house as well. you cant stay in the government house. And submit the car keys before you leave.

Basant and tara tell prabha that there is no water. she says i will ask mahesh when he come. Darpan says this is my worst birthday. Mahesh recalls what DG said to him. Darpan says baba knows its myu birthday why is he late then. prabha says he has to bring all the party stuff. Mahesh sits outside in tears. ganesh comes to him. Mahesh says what i wanted? just safety and nuture of my family. i couldn’t do anytthing ganesh. What my daughter asked me? just few small things. i am a flop dad and husband. Ganesh swipes his tears. he sees darpan and prabha standing at the door. Darpan comes to him and aspects his tears. she says baba my teacher says the kids who eat cakes their teeth get blackened. you said its a game and we just have to laugh. mahesh hugs him nd says i am sorry. she says why are you sorry. I dont want a dress or cake. i just want ai baba and ganesh. mahesh hugs her. Prabha comes to him he hugs her as well. darpan says God gae me the best birthday present. she sees ganesh is no where.

gnesh goes to the temple. he prostrates there and prays for his family. A family comes there they see that the temople is closed. the little girl with them says he is ganpati too we shall pray in front of him. They leave all the stuff in front of them. They drops a basket which has a lot of goods.

darpan is worried for ganesh. mahesh says he is grown up now. he will come soon. Suddenly the lights turn off. prabha says i know this all is happening in the game. we dont need anything when we are together. ganesh comes with all the stuff. When darpan opens the bsket its a cake. They make darpan wear the flowers and mahesh sings a song for her. She cuts the cake. They all celebrate the birthday together.

precap-darpan looks everywhere for ganesh but cant find him. he is in the jungle surrounded by dev and his men.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. caring and loving is shown perfectly. it’s not about humans or animals but just to feel the love

  2. I love this show….its sweetness and innocence, but not recently sigh

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