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Scene 1
Ria says I didn’t know you love jungle and animals so much. Sameer says sometimes what seems like might not be the true. Forest is beautiful and cruel. you wanna touch it? Ria nods. Sameer says its wild. Ria extends her arm. Sameer shifts the falcon on her hand. Ria says i think he knows you so well. sameer says everything in dalma is closely related to me. The animals and the people who live there or used to live. He flies the faclon. Ria says I don’t know why but i feel like i am also related to this jungle. Sameer says good, if that is so then it will b easy for us. Lets go.

Sameer looks at a place. sameer says sit here. ria says why? He says if you wanna click wild animals you have to be part of forest. Ria sits in the small dig and holds the camera.


looks at the balloon. He recalls when he bought one for darpan. A little boy buys one. Ganesh goes to the balloon seller. He says you want balloons? But i don’t have any now. The gas and balloons are over. that kids bought the last one. Ganesh goes after the kid.

Sameer says comfortable? She says of course, i like forest. He says really? Ria says yes. He says we will get to know it in some time. you don’t have to move because your voice can move animals from you. He says keep the camera straight. Animals can come from any side. sameer goes from there.

The kid goes to a stall at which you can through rings and win anything. He says I cant win the chocolate. Its so far. The keeps says you should try you have three chances. Ganesh asks the kid for the balloon he says i wont give you. The kid tries two times but doesn’t win anything. The kid says i will only give you of you get me that chocolate. GAnesh takes the ring from him and throughs it on the chocolate the kids is glad.

Ria waits for animals in the forest. she sees that sameer is sleeping in his car.
Ria says i need water. sameer takes out water and drinks it himself. ria says what does this man want. He has made me sit here and not even giving me water.

The keeper says i have need seen elephant being so good. He gives the chocolate to kid, kid says to ganesh you want balloon? i wont give you. he runs.

Sameer comes out of the car. ria says you said animals will come but nothing came. He says i think no one will come, lets go ria says when you knew that.. ria is about to falls he grasps her by hand. ria says you knew then why did you keep me sitting here. what you want to do? he says you think this all is so easy? yu have to sit for weeks to click a perfect picture. SAmeer says you need to have patience. i have spent a lot of night here without eating. if you can’t stay here without food and water then forget your so called passion. He puts water on her head. ria says what are you doing? are you mad? He says i don’t want my car to be ugly. ria says you forgot to tell me that a photographer shouldn’t take lift from anyone. He should find a place himself. she goes in a different direction.

ganesh goes to the kid. he says the chocolate is over and so is the deal. this is my balloon. He says ai baba look that elephant is coming to hit me. They say someone please stop this elephant. The keeper comes and says this is an intelligent elephant. the kid promised him that he will give his balloon if elephant wins him chocolate. The kid’s dad says you lied to us? He says i am sorry baba. He says apologize to the elephant. ria comes there and sees ganesh with balloons.

Precap-sameer is in a room with a man roped. he says every man has to pay for what he has done.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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