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Bandhan 7th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
bhao comes to his thugs and says you have to abduct her. the thugs says are you sure? bhao says yes.

Meethi is in car. A red van is following them. darpan says meethi maa why are they staring at us? They point at her and say she is the one. The van abducts a girl. meethi shouts save her. they are taking her.
They bring the girl to alcove. Bhao tries to throttle her and says you will ruin my name? He takes off the cloth from her face and is shocked to see that its pinky. Pinky has fainted. bhao slaps his men and say how dare you to abduct my daughter? men say bhao you asked us to. They show him the photo. Bhao says where did you get this photo. pinky opens her eyes and says papa..
you ordered to abduct me? Raghav, meethi and darpan come with cops. Inspector arrest the men

and ask who asked you to kidnapp her? Raghav says who kidnapped you pinky tell us i am here. pinky says i will tell you who did this. She points at vishwas rao and says baray papa. Everyone is shocked. Bhao says i came to save her, she is a kid she got confused. bhao says you have gone mad. inspector says you have to come with us. meethi says yes please take him he has gone mad. darpan smiles at bhao.

Meethi says how can he do this. how can he kidnap pinky. raghav says he has gone mad. pinky says i know why he did this.He wants to save his fake name. He thought i have ruined his name. Meethi says he can’t do this. sanju comes an says he can do anything. He asks pinky are you okay? pardon me i couldn’t protect you.
SAnju says the man you consider God is an evil. He can do anything to save his name. He killed his brother and wife. He wont leave our pinky. meethi says you are drunk. SAnju says yes i am drunk but i am in my senses. pinky is suffering because of me. I should have told you before. darpan says what is it that you know and we don’t. please tell us. Sanju is in tears. Raghav consoles him and says sanju i know everything tell us what you know. Everyone should know what baba is. Sanju says what should i tell them that vishwas rao is a beast and murderer. He has a lot of thugs. Our parents are not with us anymore because vishwwas rao.. no one can say anything in this house, if we do we get killed. This happens in this house. You know same happened to kajri. Vishwas rao killed her. i know you wont trust me. You haven’t seen his real face. he says not anymore. I wont let anything happen to you pinky. And i know that you are innocent, i will take you so far from here where vishwas rao wont even find you.

Meethi goes to her room in tears. darpan and raghav follow her. Meethi recalls what sanju says you know meethi maa i always wanted a mom but she was never with me. but i had you as a mom. you didn’t love me but you scolded at me and i found love in those scolds. mom scolds at the one she loves the most. Meethi says the man i loved all my life, i respected him all my life he is an evil. I could never imagine he has this horrible real face. Ragahv says none of us could imagine but it is truth. He can do anything. i should have died before coming to this world, i wont have to face this truth. you know whom i met and who told me all this? meethi says whom did you meet? Raghav says i met dev kaka. he tells her everything that dev said in hospital. Meethi says the greatest fear of me came alive. i was always scared that you are his real son. I could never love you please pardon me. Raghav says why you say this. you were nice and you are still nice. Don’t cry. meethi says i don’t wanna live in this hell. Darpan says you will leave your kids here? wont you take us with you? Meethi hugs her. Raghav says home is where mom is. We will follow you. Darpan sees shadow of someone on the door.

Precap-bhao says to meethi i never begged someone but i am asking you to stay.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. like I said before this serial is a lot of nonsensical shit end the serial now toooooooooo boring with no justice at all only the evil prospering

  2. Boooooooooooooooooo i hate this serial

  3. What happened to good over evil ,I guess its a no show.

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