Bandhan 6th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Bandhan 6th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
darpan hugs him and says i dont wanna play any game. i wanna go to school and dont want to be the thief. mahesh says okay then we are not playing this game we will lose and we cant even get the price.
prabha we have to return the moon we brought. darpan says you have brought the moon
? Mahesh says yes but that’s the prize. we will only get it when we win. basant gets the car ready we will return it. darpan says is it in the house? mahesh says its so precious its in our house and when someone will win they will get it but if someone leaves the game amid it will end right there. darpan says where is it? i wanna see it/ Mahesh says yes come with me.

Mahesh takes them to a trunk and syas your moon is inside it. darpan smiles. she says its so large how did it fit in

this small truck. mahesh says we kept it in the box so i got small and when we bring it out it will enlarge. the one who wins can only open this box. since we are not playing it we have to return the moon. mahesh says golu you know our moon is in box. darpan says i am ready to play the game. ganesh is reluctant. darpan says no ganesh we will play. mahesh says that like a good girl we will play this game and have to win this, we have to keep smiling. she hugs him.

Scene 2
Next morning darpan gets ready in her uniform. mahesh calls shantaram. ganesh goes to the alcove and opens the trunk. He recalls what mahesh said. he opens it there is nothing inside the box. he screams. darpan says golu is still there and let me bring him. mahehs says to shanta ram and says she doesn’t know about anything she thinks its a game. please let her come to school. shanta says but this is not a game i have to thinka bout all the students. mahesh sees ganesh and sees that he has opened the box. darpan says i am coming ganesh. Darpan comes in mahesh has locked th trunk. darpan says you are still here golu come with me and help me with birthday preparations. ganesh nods at mahesh. mahesh says thank you ganesh.

Scene 3
on birthday, ganesh sparkles flowers on darpan wakes up. mahesh, prabha, basasnt and tara wish her, they have deccorated tyhe whole house. prabha syas you hae to smile we will go and bring cake and dress. darpan says none of my friends is coming to my birthday. mahesh says they are good people in the game they will lose if they come to us. he says ganesh has a surprise for you. mahesh says to prabha i have to go to office you can go and buy the cake. prabha says did they call you? he says no my last month’s salary has not been transferred to my account. i am going there to ask about it. i wil drop you to the market.

DG has been tranfered to somewhere else. someone tells him there is a new DG you hjave to wait for him. Prabha and darpan see the cake. The shopkeeper syas this cake is not for you someone else ordered it. Darpan says we ordered it. He says no you didn’t. darpan says you are lying, prabha says there might be a misunderstanding. we will buy a another one. keeper says we have no cakes for you. you can buy the cake from some other shop or outside this city. They go out. dev watches them. the shopkeeper nods at them. prabha says dont be upset baba will buy you a new cake. prabah goes to tailor and says we finallized this pink dress for darpan. he says that is not your dress. prabha says i finallized that dress and gave you advance. he says its time to close the shop please come some other time. darpan looks at her dress in despair. Dev laughs.

precap-mahhesh is waiting for the new DG. prabha says to darpan your baba has gone to bring your birthdays stuff.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. Is indian people really like this r is it just tv? if someone did something wrong everyone turn their backs on you…seriously lol…that’s just bull****hope i haven’t offend anyone and am not watching this tonight rubbish..

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