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Bandhan 6th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
ria says i wish i had a brother who would wait for my rakhi. Shubha says dont you feel good by binding rakhi to ganpati? Ria says i feel good but still feel alone i feel like someone else waits for my rakahi. Shhubha says when will you internship start? Ria says i am not working with him. he has no love for animals. she tells her how sammer killed the lamb. Shubha says maybe he didn’t want the lamb to suffer. Ria says he but we can’t kill any animal. Her dad comes and sasy you both wanted to ease its pain your methods were different. I think you shouldn’t judge him and miss the internship. Ria says i will think about it.

Kajla is buying jewelry. She sees ganesh coming and says ai lets run from here. Her mom says why are you scared of that elephant. Kajal says run

from here. Kjala says it has been following me since i went to dalma.

ria calls sameer and says hi, I am ria. You remember i won the contest. he says you don’t wanna do internship whats next? ria says i wanna do it now. If the offer is still valid. He says reach office in half an hour. ria says whats the address. He hands up.

kajal says to ganesh what you want from me? why are you following me? ganesh sees the rakji. kajal says you want it? Its nothing to eat its rakhi. Ai says don’t make fun of him. Give him the rakhi. kajal says come i will buy you a rakhi. she gives him a rakhi. Ganesh sees ria coming. Ria says you here? kajal says this stupid elephant stopped her. he wanted a rakhi. ganesh gives the rakhi to ria. ria says i like it, keep it now. Ganesh says no. ria syas what will i do with it? Kajal says this elephant wants you to keep it. Kajal says where are you going? Ria says i am goin to sameer’s office. Ria says golu move away and let me go. She stops at the golu. She says kajal why i feel like he understands me? kajal says you are getting late.

Ria reaches the office. SAmeer says you had to reach here at 10:20. i told you i don’t like late commers. Ria says i am only 15 minutes late. He says do you know only 15 seconds are enough to click a perfect picture. you wasted my 15 minutes. Ria syas you forgot to tell me address. he says i have some rules. 1. sharp on time. 2. sharp on time. 3. no, no never and all. 4. don’t touch anything without my permission.

He starts with the camera. Ria says i know how to operate camera. he says you need to work hard to touch my camera. He says come we have to go to dalma. she says i can’t go there. he says you are interning with a wild life photographer. ria says my parents dont want me to go there. he says i can’t explain my rules again and again.

kajal says to ganesh do you want ria to bind you rakhi? Ganesh nods. Kajal says yu would need to give her a gift. ganesh goes to market to look for ria’s gift.

Ria is in dalma with sameer. He says come move fast. He takes photo of a falcon. RIa says its beautiful. sameer says how are you pal? You got a bruise while hunting? ria says i didn’t know you love animals. Sammer says everything is not what it seems like.

Precap-sameer says you wanna click animals? you have to be part of jungle. stay here still. don’t move or make noise.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  3. I think Sameer might be The childhood kid Raghav!!

  4. hello….guys can anyone give me a bit information about this ‘RAGHAV’ please.please..pls

  5. mans you wan information of rahav well if you were following the story raghav is naraini and bhao the bad man son who was staying at bhaos house with darpan and the other kids anyway my comment today is that this storyline is way toooooooooo boring it need to make a quick ending

  6. thank u gloria…. Is he a good guy???????

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