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Bandhan 6th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

scene 1
Bhao says how i came here? I was in jungle with all those rats? Meethi says are you okay? darpan comes in and says baba would you like some tea? Meethi says yes please he needs some. darpan says why are you both standing on bed? Meethi says we were checking the woods. darpan gives them tea and says take it baba. darpan takes it and breaks the cup. meethi says what are you doing? Bhao says you know i drink the tea you make.

meethi is making tea. she is in tears. darpan comes to her and says don’t cry. He doesn’t do it by his will. i have seen him, i think he needs a doctor. meethi says he is not mad, he is just a little tired. Everything will be okay. Meethi brings tea for bhao. Bhao says this duplicate or whoever you are, i will end you too. He says i am not scared of your

magic. He says meethi give me some fruits. meethi and raghav are looking at him, raghav says what is he doing? ria told me there is some mental problem. He is doing weird things. A snake comes in front of bhao. Bhao says this is new magic? Bhao lies down with the snake and says come bite me. Raghav comes and throws away the snake. He says baba why were you doing this? meethi says are you okay? i will call a doctor. bhao says you are all mad get out of here.

Bhao takes a vase in anger, raghav comes and holds him. He hugs him and says i am sorry baba. bhao says my tiger is with me i am all strong. she came here to make me acknowledge that i killed darpan but i wont agree. what is her mission? i will end her.

Raghav takes bhao to closet and says that duplicate has been opening it now and then. He opens it and takes out a trunk. raghav is dazed to see what is inside. Bhao says show it to me.
Raghav says there is nothing in it. Bhao takes it from him. It has photo of pinky with that guy. bhao says who is this guy? Raghav says please calm down baba. Please listen to me. Bhao goes to living area and says pinky come downstairs. she asks what happened? Bhao slaps her on the face. meethi says why did you slap her? who slaps girls? Bhao throws the photos on pinky’s face. Meethi says what is all this pinky?
darpan says don’t cry pinky he is your baba, he will listen to you. pinky says he should have listened to me. Meethi says he will be okay. Ria says he will accept your innocence. Meethi says go bring her water.
Raghav says to darpan you knew the closet had pinky’s picture? why did you send me there with baba? what is pinky’s mistake. Darpan says his end is near, we all have to suffer in this but it will be okay in the end. Raghav says we have no idea what is he up to. we have to stop him, darpan says i know what to do next.

Bhao gives a photo to some thug and says you have to abduct this person. the thugs is shocked and says are you sure? bhao says yes.

Precap-Inspector says who kidnapped the girl? pinky says i will tell you. my baba abducted me. Inspector says you have to come to police station vishwas rao.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. all shit as usual straying from the point and jumping to another story concerning pinky all of a sudden I thought well now bhao will pay for his deeds but these writers are playing games instead of sticking to darpan getting justice for her father the writers decide to start a new story with pinky poor writing poor scripts poor storylines end the darpan bhao Mahesh story now it has become tooooooooooo boring and nonsensical to we the viewers end the damn story now

  2. u all need to stop complaining and let the writers do their job ….. cause u cant ever do their job for them … sooooo love this story <3

  3. Ya stop complaining… it’s a top programme… especially raghav he’s gorgeous

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