Bandhan 5th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Bandhan 5th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
darpan asks mahesh are you concealing something? He says oh God mahesh has told you our plan? darpan says what plan? he says its your birthday after two days and we had planned a surprise for you but ganesh told it to you. darpan says he is talking about game not birthday. mahesh says game has started you are worrying for nothing. if we win this game youb will get what you want. ganesh is not agreeing he leaves the room. he goes to darpan’s room and points to the paper moon. darpan says can we really win anything on this game? darpan says anything thats on sky as well? like can we get moon? mahesh is quite. darpan says tell us can you gives us moon? Mahesh syas if we win this game baba will bring you moon, darpan says promise? he says yes promise and hugs her.

prabha says to

mahesh we should tell darpan the truth how much will we lie? he says prabha you know i am doing this for her better. she will be heartbroken after knowing the truth. prabha says we can’t save that. she is trusting you. she asked you for moon/ where will you bring it from/ he says what else could i say? that the one she considers hero is thief in eyes on world. she says this is what world you know but darpna knows that her baba can’t do anything wrong. she has faith in you and she has the strength to face all this. we taught her never to lie and now we are lying to her. i can’t do this anymore. i will tell her everything. mahesh says please stop.

At night darpan says golu is there mud in you ears? why would baba promise us moon if this all was a lie? baba will give us moon and we will have so much fun with it. it will lighten our room. She syas if he has promised he will bring us he never lies. he is the superman. Mahesh and prabha hear it. she says my baba has super powers not like rest of babas. he is the strongest baba in the world he can do anything. Mahesh says it will easier to break the moon rather than breaking their trust, we can’t tell her. we have to protect their innocence. God will show us a way.

Scene 2
ganesh and darpan comes to school. darpan says we have to laughh and move on in order to win the game. sanju, pinky and raghav come there. sanju says you are here with this wild animal. Ragha syas principal needed to talk to you. darpan saays why? he says becasue your dad is a thief. Darpan goes closer and laughs. she says i don’t care what you say my baba is the best. She shoves them and leaves. Darpan goes to sir. she says may i come in? he nods. Darpan says raghav said you wanted to talk to me. he says darpan don’t come to school from tomorrow. she syas why? is there some holiday? He says its just holiday for you. you wont come. she recalls mahesh telling her about the game. she says sir jee i know everything about this game. he says do as i am asking you. All the kids starting chanting on her as soon as she comes out. still darpan is managing to smile. She goes home. Raghav says sir has sent them out of school forever.

darpan comes home and hugs prabhal. she says sir has cancelled my admission. she says he said dont ever come back. she is crying harrd. she says all the kids teased us by saying you are thief but i didn’t cry in front of anyone. she hugs mahehs and says i dont wanna play this game anymore.

precap-darpan says where is the moon? he takes her to a trunk and syas inside this you hyave you moon.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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