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Bandhan 5th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sameer hits all the thugs. One of them stabs him with a dagger. He holds it from from front. His hand cuts and starts bleeding. sameer says run because i don’t feel pain. The thugs runs, sameer’s hand bleeds. ria binds a handkercheif on his hand. ria says dont you feel pain? He says blood doesn’t pain, the feeling of it gives the pain and i have no feelings you. Ganesh comes screaming there. the three get shocked.

Kajal says oh God this elephant came here as well. Kajal says don’t worry, sameer says stand here i will handle him. Ria says he wont do anything in fact he tried to save my life. Sameer says wow you save their life they save yours. Ria says yes, because they have emotions like me. they are not practical like you. Ria goes and caresses ganesh. Ganesh recalls

how she caressed him in childhood. She says thank you so much i have to go now. Ganesh stops her. ria says what has happened to you? why you wanna stop me. my parents are waiting home i have to go. ganesh comes with the orange cloth. He gives it to ria.

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Sameer drops ria and kajal home. Shubha says its so nice that you came here. how ou got this bruise on your hand? Sameer says this is symbol of difference between humans and animals. shubha says did some animal attack? Sameer says i was clicking some photographs and git his by a cliff. Ria’s dad our ria is like that too. she is too lost in taking photos. She will learn a lot from you in internship. she took parth in this contest to do internship with you. Sameer says will she do internship? Dad says why? Sameer says she is a good photographer she is brilliant. I don’t think she needs to do internship with me. Our mindset is different thought, i see this practically and she sees emotionally. He says i have to go now. ria says wait, put some medicine on your hand, sameer says its ordinary bruise i don’t need it. subha says no, ria bring the ointment.

Ria dresses sameer’s bruise. ria says thanks for saving me and not telling my dad. He says i think you should tell your parents. Ria says they will get worried. Anyway, you wont get it because you have no emotions, he says you are right they don’t matter to me neither do i want them. stay away from these emotions they will get you in trouble, he leaves.

Late at night, ria recalls how sameer saved her life. she comes in and sees the handkerchief that she bound on his hand. she recalls what he said about pain, kajal comes and says what are you thinking, ria says nothing, kajal says i know what you are thinking, you are thinking about sameer. people says first say first impression is last but i dont think thats the case, if he is dad evil he would never have saved yuou. He is different but not bad. His style and concepts are different. There is nothing wrong with being unique. Kajal says please do this internship. Ria says we are so different we can’t work together. Btw, what are you doing here? kajal says i need some money.ria says why? Kajal says i have to buy rakhi for my brother. ria says how did i forget. ria gives her the money and says you don;t have to return.

ganesh reacalls how darpan made her wear the rakhi. He sees kajal buying rakhi in the market. Ria comes to temple and prays. She binds a rakhi to idol.ria says to shubha i wait for this day whole year but i feel so empty this day. i wish i had a brother, wo would wait for my rakhi. I would have teased him a lot. shubha says don;t you feel good by binding rakhi to idol? Ria says i feel like someone else waits for my rakhi. Ganesh is following kajal.

Precap-sameer says you are 15 minutes late. i have some rules, sharp on time, no excuses and don’t touch anything without my permission.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. it is amazing how these writers just move on to another storyline and ended the first story they begun with now even proving mahes innocence and the killing of his wife by bhao and naraini death also by naraini so that good story just went to waste and a new story with darpan grown up has begun what poor writing I really thought bhandan would have been a nice family story until the crime and murders came into it I cannot stand watching it anymore sorry writers change your scripts before it is toooooooooo late and you writers are toooooooooo consistent with one storyline taking place in all the soaps on zee tv making it real shit eg look what is happening with qubool hai this is a perfect example we are all fed up with the rahatt haya faiz storyline end this now

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