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Bandhan 4th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Darpan Mahesh come in, Everyone is sneering her dad is a thief. Darpan is still smiling. Mahesh settles down. People are talking behind her his back. Mahesh says keep in mind what I told you darpan. you just have to laugh on what everyone says. Prabha says and you shouldn’t be scared of the competition we are here to support you.

Professor says there in that bowl there are chits. Each student will pick out and has to speak on the topic they get for one minute. First its Raghav’s turn. His topic is pets. He says I really love pets. I have 3 dogs, one parrot and one money, he tells names of his pets. Bhao and dev stand up to appreciate him.Its another girl’s turn. SAnju says I have got topic mu choice. He says I only like singing. Let me sing a song to you all. professor

asks him to leave. Its darpan’s turn now. ganesh, prabh and Mahesh wish her luck. Her topic is baba. She says there are four people in my family me, ganesh, baba and maama. baba is a forest ranger. He keeps jungle safe from enemies. He is the hero of forest. dev laughs and stands up. He says your baba is a thief not hero. Everyone starts laughing. darpan is in tears. Bhao asks dev to sit down. Mahesh and prabha stand up. They show her the courage. Darpan swipes her tears and Mahesh karnik. He got the medal in front of you all. Apart from that he is a good dad too. He taught me how to climb a tree and catch me everytime I fell. He loves me, my mom and ganesh. He always says smiles like a sunflower. Take something like bees. We should love forest like it loves us. We should take care of it in return to all the things it provides us. The biggest blessing is that he is my dad, I wanna be like him when I grow up. He is the best baba in the world. Mahesh starts clapping. but everyone else is laughing. Darpan swipes her tears. She comes and hugs mahessh. Prabha is in tears. She leaves the hall. She can’t control her tears. Darpan comes to he and says why are you crying ai? Did anyone say anything to you? SHe says no why would someone do that. darpan says why are you cying then, baba said we just have to laugh not to cry. No one clapped for me still I didn’t cry. Prabha sys you are my smart kid. No matter if someone didn’t sleep. You were the best. darpan says then don’t cry. prabha hugs her. Mahesh says you are playing this game so well. Parbha says there was some dust in my eyes. prabha says we will get full marks. Mahesh says we should party. darpan says yeay. SHe goes in to bring her bag. Prabha sys I am sorry Mahesh. I couldn’t contro. He sayswe have to win this fight and we will win prabha. darpan shouldn’t know the truth. Ganesh overhears them.

Dev syas look bhao how they ran from the school. Bhao says I am going out for some days. there should be no mistake. I will make all the animals eat you if you do something. Bhao says you use your brain. He leaves.

Ganesh goes running to darpan. darpan says why are you making so much noise? You have gone mad since you came from school. do you wanna tell me something? He nods. he asks her to come down. she says I can’t come. I have something to do. I am making this thief dress for you. He says no. darpan says wahts wrong? He takes the thief dress from her. He throws it in the house. she baba has concealed something? why would he? He cap? He says you mean its a thief and cop game and baba concealed something.

Precap-darpan asks Mahesh are you concealing something baba? Mahesha and prabha are quite.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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