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Scene 1
Driver drops some guys but they don’t give him fare. He says you will take money from us? he says this i my taxi i dont work for free. THe thug takes a stick and is about to hit him. ganesh comes and saves him. they get scared. driver says you are the only genius here. he says i am not scared. ganesh screams and they fear. They give fare to the driver. Driver says you are my pal from now. i will take you where i dropped those girls. i dropped them there. Ganesh goes in that direction. He goes towards a girl, she gets scared. all the men start hitting him driver says he is my elephant, he is not wild. he saves ganesh. driver says go safe there, i hope you get what you want.


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Kajal says don’t worry ria. Ria says my whole life’s dream is over, i thought sameer sen loves animals but he is so cruel. Kajal says he wont select you. did you look at his reaction when he was looking at your photos. Some thugs move in their direction. manager comes and tells ria your name is selected in top 5. come in. The thugs also come in. host says its time to announce the winner. the winner will get cash prize and will get photos printed on wild lie magazine jungle plus he will do internship with sameer sen.
Samer comes on stage and says it a good evening for me. all of you are so talented. winner is only though. He announces the third rank, second is raju joshi. He says and on the first spot is, ria kharay. ria is shocked. She receives the prize from him. He shakes hand with her. She says can i say something? She takes the mic. ria says i am so happy to receive this award from sameer sen, but i want to say something i wont do this internship with sameer sen. Everyone is dazed. i mean i am nothing in front of him i have to learn a lot yet. so i am sorry i wont do internship with him. She says to sameer you can kill animals. sameer says i wont give any justification. He needed sleep not treatment. He says you have to be practical to gain success. ria says maybe you are right, but that doesn’t mean i am wrong. i know you are very practical person.she leaves the stage.

Kajal says you made him speechless. Ria says i can’t work with a man like him. Kajal says lets go and eat pani puri. the thugs follow them to the market. They come take them in the highroof. They take them to jungle and says don’t act smart and wait for our call. they throw kajal there and take ria with them. kajal runs after the van.

Ria says please let me go home. ganesh comes in front of the car. the thug says dont move forwad or i will kill her. they get ria back in. ganesh follows them.They take ria to forest. they say you have no way to run, ria starts running, she collides with someone. its sameer. A thug is about to hit him but he holds his rod. sameer hits and brings down all of them. one points a pistol at sameer.

Precap-sameer asks them to stay there away from ganesh. ria says he wont do anything. ria says to ganesh there is something that i can feel.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. darpan come on cannot you feel the bond between you and ganesh what is taking you soooooooooo long this storyline is already shit what next does not worth watching anymore

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