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Bandhan 3rd November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Darpan asks what have you become in this game baba? Maehsh says, I have become the thief. But everyone knows I am not the thief. the real thief is someone else. We have to find the real one. Darpan says you will have ti be behind the abrs? Mahesh says no. when we find the real culprit we will throw him behind the bars. Darpan says what we have t do? Mahesh says you have to help baba in catching the real culprit. Darpan aks can ganesh paly too? Mahesh says yes he will. He is our family member. We will all play it and win it. Darpan says yes we will win. She syas look ganesh we have to play and win. Mahesh says baba will stay home until this game is over. Darpan says it will be so much fun. Prabha says you will get a prize when we win this. Dapan asks what? he sasy anything you want. darpan

says please help us in wining this game God. Prabha says please help us God. Mahesh ays forgive me God. I had to lie to her. Please give us strength to fght with all this.

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Scene 2
Ganesh teases basant. Darpan is peeking in. Basant says why are you teasing me. I will pin you and all your air will blow. Darpan laughs. Basant says have you gone mad. you know ai baba are really worried. DArpan says we wolt go In we will stay here and play. Basant says I will ask a. dapran says we will just keep laughing and playing. she tells basant and says its a game. We all have to play it. we have to laugh and smile. No matter what latter does to us. basant says who said all this? Darpan says baba told me. THat is why cops took him. We don’t have to tell anyone. Where is baba?

Mahesh is near the lake recalling Bhao’s words. He throws stones in the water. Mahesh syas It took me my life to attain this respect all life. All I see is darkness now. Prabha says evil never conquers. We will see the new morning. He will not be able to ruin our lives. She says when a stone strikes water it disturbs it but after a while the water is clam and the stones sinks in. Like nothing happened. We will have to sink these stones. These days will pass by. Good days will be back. Darpan comes there and coughs. Mahesh and prabha look at her and smile. She says whenever I levae you alone you both hug. tHis is wrong. Mahesh opens his arms and says there is a hug for you too. SHe comes running to him. Darapn says we have a competition at my school. will you come there? Mahesh says yes I will. Pabha says we will all go together. darpan says we will win it. and we will win baba’s games as well. Prabha says we will win all the games. SHe says let me tell golu that you are both coming. Mahesh says what if someone sees me there? How will we handle. prabha says nothing will happen. they won’t hurt a little girl. Mahesh says they consider me a thief. prabha says we will all face it together. This is actually a game of good and evil and we will win it at any cost. promise me you won’t give up? He says yes I won’t. she hugs him.

Scene 2
Next morning darpan and Mahesh are going in. darpan says come fas baba. Darpan says I am scared. He says teacher should be scared how will they stop you from talking. darpan says I don’t even know what topic I have to speak on. Everyone will laugh at me. He says I told you everyone is playing the game. If someone says you anything you just have to laugh. She says baba.Lala says if someone asks us I will say that if Mahesh is wrong I am ready
to be bald. We know how good you are. we are here for help. darpan says no we don’t need help our team is so strong. We will win this game. Mahesh says thank you so much for your generosity lala ji.

Bhao comes there with his kids and Dev.Bhao looks at mahehs. Mahesh sas I told you its a game. Don’t tell anyone that you know about this game. If the rivals know they will never let us win. Darpan says how will we know who is the rival? He says it can be anyone. We have to be careful. SO are you ready? She says yes. Mahesh says is karnik team ready? Darpan says yes. Bhao comes in the hall. Everyone greets him. He sees prabha. He says hello. mahes gets resented. Bhao syas karnik didn’t come? Prabha sys shut up and get lost. I have never seen a man like you. You are an evil I will never trust. Don’t ever be seen near my family. He says I respect women I promise. Prabha says you should go and respect your mom. I feel bad for the woman who gave birth to an animal like you. now get lost before my husnabd sees you.

PRecap-darpan gets the topic baba. She says my baba is the forest ranger. He keeps the jugle safe. Dev says your baba is a thief not ranger. Everyone laughs.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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