Bandhan 3rd February 2015 Written Episode Update

Bandhan 3rd February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The driver says to his wife on call i am coming home darling, ganesh sees the taxi and recalls ria sitting in it. he follows the taxi.
Some thugs get a photo of ria and say we have to kill her? it will be done.
Ria is submitting her photographs. Kajal says why are you nervous? you will will win it. ria says sameer san will be there. Kajal says you are nervous because of sameer. Thats what love causes. Ria says i like him because he is a good photographer. Kajal says he has no photo no google no one has seen him. What is he is ugly looking. Ria says i hope he is not. Ria says stop it and help me in selecting the photo. The choose the photos.

Ria finds an orange flower in her bag, that she saw just when she got off the boar. Kajal says you still have it? grabage it, Ria

says i don’t know whose rakhi is this but this has love of a brother and sister.

The driver is in jungle with his wife. They sing songs together. He says i saved two girls from an elephant. I hit that elephant so hard, she says you are a liar, you said you will give me anklet. He says kiss me first. She is about to kiss him ganesh screams. He says what happened to your voice. they are scared to see ganesh. driver says what have i done? please leave me alone. Sumo says hit him like you hit the one last night. They start running.

Ria goes to studio and says i have submit my photos please print them.. THe same guy comes there thta ria and kajal met in jungle. He says give me my prints if they are ready. Ria is shocked. He says they told you they are bust they cant print. ria says thats not your business. ria says please do it for me. The keeper says he booked first. Ria says okay then keep doing his work we will get print from somewhere else.

The drive and his wife are running. The driver jumps on the tree. His wife cries. The driver falls down and they start running again. they go to the car but don’t have key. He says what should i do. ganesh throws keys. His wife syas he doesn’t want to harm us. He wants us to understand something. He is asking us to sit on back seat of car. maybe he is asking about some passenger. He says maybe he is asking about those girls. i will take you there. keep looking for a passenger if one comes we will go to city.

Ria and kajal are impressed by photos of sameer sen. Manager asks ria to come in. he says you were so late. she says i got letter late. Ria says where is sameer sen? A man comes and says sameer sen is here. Manager asks ria to put her photo on the wall. simar sen comes in, ria is shocked to find that he is the same forest guy. Manager introduces her to sameer and says she is your fan. she has been asking about you since she came here. He says strange it doesn’t look like she wanted to meet me. He says before camera you should practice on how to place photo on wall. Emotions are not enough to succeed you need practicality too. so be mature and all the best.

Precap-driver says my money? thugs say you will ask from us? Ganesh gets money from them, driver says you are my pal from now, i left those girls there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. this story needs to end because it is going nowhere the storyline is not interesting anymore and everything bad that happened no good came out of it and nothing was solved this script has become shit

  2. writers what is really going on with this soap bhandan the first storyline did not come to an end because no one saw Mahesh died he fell that we saw his wife got killed for nothing the thugs and bhao got away scotch free with their crime and Maheshs innocence has never been proven plus naraini who was trying to help darpan she also got killed by bhao what is going on now you start another story with darpan losing her memory and not even knowing the elephant anymore writers do something and explain what is really going on this cannot be real you need to shut down right now

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