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Scene 1
Raghav says you even know the meaning of dad? i feel so ashamed when i realize you are my dad. Pinky comes says what is this? why are you talking to baray papa this way. He goes in. Pinky says please don’t take is seriously papa. i don’t know whats wrong with him. Bhao says i think he is tired. i will handle everything, go in. bhao says i have to stop him before he is out of control.

Raghav comes in his room and is shocked to see darpan. He touches her in shock and hugs her. He says thank God you are alive. I am really sorry darpan, i made mistake. I considered you wrong. I made your life hell and hurt you so many times. I never trusted you. I don’t deserve a pardon, but give me a chance please. DArpan says it was because of misunderstanding. Its not a sin. Raghav

says i am glad to see you but i am confused. Doctor said you are dead but how you rescued yourself? Darpan says i don’t remember what happened. all i remember is that i was in forest and you gave me poison. He says i feel embarrassed of doing so. I was so mad in my revenge. Darpan says i am glad you know everything now. You are with me now. I know until I am sucessful in my mission God wont let me die. Vishwas rao has to pay for what he has done. Ragahv says I can’t believe he is the man i have been considering my dad. The man who can kill his own brother can do anything. darpan says brother? Raghav says he has killed dev. He is of no one. He can kill his brother to conceal his sins. Since childhood he has been deceiving me. He told the world that i am adopted even when i was his blood. He told me you killed my ai. but it was he himself. I wont pardon the murderer of my mom. Darpan says there is a difference between justice and revenge. you get yourself burnt in the fire of vengeance. if we kill him what will be the difference between him and us? this wont get peace to naraini and my parents. Raghav says i should have trusted my pal. Form today I am with you in all your decision. And you are right, we don’t have to seek revenge we have to fight for justice. you, i and ganesh are together. darpan says our justice and vishwas’s end will start together.

Bhao sits in temple and says why don’t you handle it. show me the path. Ganiya says path is near you. bhao stands up in shock. bhao says where you come from? ganiya says that doesn’t matter. ganiya says no one can save you, you chose the path of sin. Bhao says tell me what is my future? Ganiya says you go through remorse. bhao says i wont leave you he throttles ganiya, ganiya vanished.

Raghav says i know his weaknesses now. His name and respect is his weakness. we have to shatter his respect in dalma. nothing can stop his end now.

bhao wakes up from sleep saying darpan. He sees darpan sitting in the terrace. Bhao says why you came in my room. what you want? darapn says justice. i want you to accept your crimes. you know what, remorse ends the sins. bhao says go and don’t do this drama. Darpan says i am giving you a chance. Bhao says GOd gave you a chance i don’t need one from you. darapan says i am giving you time till next night accept your crimes. she leaves. Bhao says who is she? what is she going to do.

Scene 2
Next morning, bhao says in sleep what are you doing wife? why are you tickling me? There are rats all around him. He opens his eyes and screams. He says what am i doing in jungle? He sis scared of the rats. Bhao says i need to run, he starts running and comes to same spot again. bhao says where did this rats come from. He is scared and tensed. Meethi says what are you doing? Bhao is jumping on his bed, its his room. Bhao says how i came here? I was in jungle with those rats. meethi says are you okay?darpan comes in with tea.

Precap-raghav says to bhao darpan’s doppelganger came to this room and opened this closet. there must be something in here. He opens and sees a trunk bhao takes it from him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. writers I really do not know where this story is heading it is about time it came to an end

  2. yea he need to accept the truth n let them move on fast n darpan needs to get a baby

  3. is darpan dead or in a coma?or hiden somewhere

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