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Scene 1
Ria and Kajal hear scream of ganesh, kajal says oh God there is an elephant here. Lets run before he comes here. ria recalls running with an elephant. She starts going in the directions. kajal says where are you going? whats wrong with you ria? ria says what happened? kajal has seen ganesh. Suddenly the orange cloth falls on ria’s face. when ria takes is off ganesh is in front o her. Ria is taken aback. Ganesh recalls when he walked to darpan first time. Ria caress him. She is in tears, kajal comes and says have you gone mad? She takes her hand and hauls her.

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Shubha and her husband are worried for ria and kajal. Shubha

says i am so worried for her. He says dont worry she will be fine. She says i can’t keep calm until we find her. What if she recalls her past there. i wont be able to love without her. He says ria will come back home, clam down now.

Kajal says it was a wild animal it could have killed you. i wont ever got with you anywhere. Lets go now. we are at road but how will we go? They see a car with taxi label. Kajal says the car is started but no one is in it. kajal says it mus be some ghost, ria says have you gone mad? She says yes. A man comes from back and says please let me go. kajal says we wont leave you. you have to come with us. He says my wife says there are ghosts in forest. ria says we are not ghost, we got stuck here. we want to go home as well. He takes them in the car. Kajal is scaring the dirver. He says why you came here? kajal says i came to click some photos, we were going home but we saw an elephant. Driver stops the car, ganesh is on the road. driver takes the car from other side. Ria is in tears. kajal says we will go home but what this elephant wants from us? Ria says i feel like that elephant wont harm us. He wanted to say something he wanted to tell something. Kajal says what an emotional track you started. Ria gets a call from her dad.

Ria gets home. Her dad is mad at her. He says how can you go there alone? Do you see your mom? and kajal you could call me, ria says its not her mistake i forced her to come with me. its last day to submit photos tomorrow, i called you but you were out of reach, i thought i would return by evening. Shubha says you know how worried i was for you. Ria says i found the letter in your closet, you said it never came. last day to submit photos was tomorrow, i had to go. Shubha says don’t ever do this again. ria says never i promise. ria says i met an elephant there. Kajal says she stood in front of him. shubha says are you mad? it wasn’t a rabbit. Ria sys it didn’t harm me. i felt like he wanted to tell me something, like i know him. Don’t you trust me? you think i am joking? she goes to her room.

Shubha goes to ria and says your rabbits haven’t eaten anything because you are upset ria says i am just confused about meeting that elephant. was there anything related to all this in my childhood? Shubha says stop worrying, it happens to all of us. ria says i am sorry for worrying you. shubha says come on now eat your food. you have to meet sameer sen tomorrow, ria says yes.

Scene 2
Next day, someone asks guru where is ganesh? He says i think his wait is over. baba says i don’t know what you found but don’t ever forget us, ganesh leaves. He is going towards the city. baba says that is his destination. ganesh goes to the taxi in which ria sat.

Precap- a thug sees ria’s photo and says we have to abduct her? Okay done.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. i just want ria to meet with ganesh please it is to sad to see how he is crying please let them meet before this week ends

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