Bandhan 2nd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Bandhan 2nd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Raghav is bewildered. Someone shoots dev. Raghav says dev kaka open your eyes i wont let anything happen to you. He runs out and sniper is running from the window. Raghav chases him. Raghav grasps him and takes his gun. He asks who sent you? who asked you to kill dev? Sniper says he will kill me if i tell you. Raghav says i will kill you right now. The sniper says vishwas rao asked me to kill that man. please let me go now. Raghav is taken aback, the sniper sits in his car and runs. Raghav says why baba did this? this means darpan was right. Baba has done all this.

Bhao is i a dark room. Raghav comes in front of him. Bhao says i am your dad tiger. Raghav points a gun at him and says you have always deceived me since childhood. you killed my mom, you killed darpan’s parents. I

will do justice to them. Ganiya comes and says the sins do have to end one day. its your end. Raghav shoot on shoulder and says this is for kajri. He shoot again and says this is for my mom. Bhao says i did everything for you and you are killing me. Please pardon me. raghav says there is no pardon for sins. you deserve death only. Darpan comes there. Bhao falls down. Suddenly bhao wakes up from his dream. He is all scared. He says it was a dream. Bhao says that darpan duplicate should be killed as well. i have to do something. Bhao goes out of room. Bhao says first i will kill ganesh and then darpan.

Scene 2
Next morning, bhao sneaks out. He says they don’t know that God you are my partner in everything. You help me with all this. I have to kill that elephant. He is about to mix poison in milk. Meethi comes, bhao says i.. Meethi says what? you were asking for pardon from God? Bhao says yes. Meethi says why you don’t like the elephant. Bhao says i was asking for pardon, he just eats a lot. Bhao mixes poison in milk. Meethi gives food to ganesh. Bhao comes with bowl of milk and says this is for him. Meethi says because of you he is getting better. Bhao sees darpan standing there he gets scared. Bhao says how did she come here. darpan takes the milk bowl from him and gives it to ganesh. ganesh drinks it. Bhao asks darpan who are you? She turns into red devi. Bhao says you are duplicate, i will tell everyone. Darpan says tell them that i am darpan. then they will ask you where is darpan? you will have to tell them. bhao says why are you doing this? darpan says you have to pay for your sins. She leaves.

Raghav comes home recalling what dev told him. Bhao is sitting in his place. Bhao says Raghav you are home, that darpan.. Raghav says don’t even take name of darpan. Bhao says is this how you talk to your dad? Raghav says dad? father? you don’t even know its meaning vishwas rao. I feel ashamed when i think that i am your son.

Precap-darpan says our justice and vishwas rao’s end will start together. Raghav says i know what are his weakness. He will start his own end.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. just like I said again bhao wins I just knew it that the elephant ganesh will be next and so it is bhao feeds him poison in milk and it is yet another victory for him this serial is so much shit that we the viewers would have preferred not a ghost to take revenge but for darpan to be alive and ganesh and then both of them could have killed bhao this serial has soooooooooooo much flaws in it last time was Mahesh who put the chip in darpans locket nothing came out of it now what was the purpose of the bhaos ring being in darpans hand after he killed her because no one saw it but him bhao so what was the use of bringing that into the script come on writers you are doing real shit with this serial now when you think that he would die by the hand of darpan and his son it is because he is dreaming shit shit shit and more shit and mind you up to now rias step father and mother do not know that she is dead what a shit story come on writers end this serial now we are totally fed up and not enjoying it

  2. is darpan alive or not

  3. really confused with this damn serial dont know if darpan is dead or not come on writers be more creative or else end the serial

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