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Bandhan 28th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The pundit says God has opted you for some special mission. Get mad at him but never stop trusting him. darpan says I will miss a a lot. she should have met me once. Darpan cries. When she looks up the man is gone already and has left the sweet there.

Mohini is getting the food ready. meethi comes there. Meethi smells the food and laughs. She says I sometimes think I would die if you weren’t here. Why do you I have to make enemies outside when you are in here. You hit me on weak point. mohini says what I did? Meethi says you just insult me in front of bhao. why you came to console darpan? Don’t think that I will parodn you. if you come inn my way I will crush you. meethi throws all the food on the floor. meethi says now make it again. Meethi says once you are my enemy

you wont be safe. Meethi leaves.

Darpan is sleeping in the forest she recalls what meethi said. Darpan sees and hears prabha. Darpan says ai you are here? they said you are dead. why were they lying? Prabha caresses her face and says that’s the truth. darpan says but you are here. SHe says I am here and I am not. I have gone to ganno sahib. He took your brither so he took me as well. Dar-pan says but he gave mde ganesh as my brither. will you come back? prabha says ai will always be wiith you. think of me when you see moon. Ganesh will alwayas be here for you. God will show you the path and will prtect you. Always trust in him. she leaves. darpan wakes up and says ai. Bhao comes there and says my son. Bhao syas why are you crying I am her with you. darpan says gaehs left ne, I said I don’t wanna see your face. bhao says he will be here don’t worry. He is just mad at you. I will bring him. Bhao says I will name you crying darpan. Why are you upset? Darpan says if yo u bring ganesh we will have to go home how will we live alone. ganesh wont be able to live alone. You are my friend. can we live with you until baba comes back? please let us live with you. we will take a very small place. ganesh recalls darpan’s words. He recalls Mahesh’s words as well. Bhao says you can live with us. Darpan says all right. I wil say with you. bhao says yeah final. lets go now its late.

Bhao brings darpan home. He says to everyone, she will be living here with us. SHe is my friend. Darpan is scared of meethi’s gaze. bhao sys she is my daughter from now, unitl her dad comes to take her I will be her dad. Sanju says where will she live? raghav says where I his house? bhao asks them to be quite. Bhao says I am saying for the last time her name is darpan and she is my daughter. she will be our family problem if you have any problem keep it in or I will break your face. Keep that in your minds. bhao says to mohini you will be handling darpan? bbhao says I am leaving. Bhao leaves.

Precap-meeti syas your dad has left you. You are an orphan now. darpan says ganesh she runs out meeth stops her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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