Bandhan 27th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Bandhan 27th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Darpan syas do you know where they are? meethi ma says we have arranged a party for her. darpan says are they here? Meethi maa says yes, darpan says please take me t them. meethi says yes. She takes her in. Meethi says there is you ai. darpan looks back there is a photo of prabha with a garland on it. Darpan is really dazed. Tears stream on her face. Darpan says where is ai? why is her photo here? Meethi says look there is a garland on it too? you know when there is a garland on photo? Darpan says when? meethi syas when someone dies. you ai has died darpan, darpan says you are lying meethi aunty. meethi says don’t call me meethi aunty.

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Meethi says why would I lie she has died she wont come back. Bhao comes out and says my best friend, darpan hugs him. Darpan says she is lying she I saying ai has died. please take me to ai. bhao syas how can I take you to her. bhao says ho can I? something bad happened to her. Darpan says you are all lying. where is baba? I will ask him. SHe says where are you baba? Sureya’s wife says listen to me darpan. You say that your dad is a hero he helps everyone. He has gone to help some people. Far away from here. you know heroes have to go at other places to save people. He has gone to save kids from bad people. darpan says no. She looks at prabha and says ai and baba both left me me alone. She runs. Bhao says darpan stop.

Darpan finds ganesh. darpan says where were you? why yo left me alone. you know they are saying that ai has died. They are all lying. No such ting has happened. they are saying ai wont ever come back and baba has left as well. darpan says you are lying as well. ai cam never leave me alone. are you sure? ganesh nods. darpan cries an says this cant happen. you knew everything but didn’t tell me. you left me alone. you are not my brother from now. I don’t wanna see your face. ganesh is n tears. darpan goes in.

Bhao says to meethi I wont beat you will cut you into pieces. meeti says what I did? Bhao says in the matter of darpan you wont say a word. She leaves. bhao syas to dev go and ask your man to bring her.

Darpan goes to forest to the tree. She says we cant live without ai baba. please take us to them. why you did this to me. She sits on the ground and cries. A pundit comes to darpan. He gives her sweet. he sits with darpan. He says if crying makes it better ten people would b crying. Darpan sasy you don’t know anythimg. He says I know everything. He says you don’t know why God has done it. He has chosen you for a better purpose. He loves you. Everything will be better in the end. God will always be with you.

Precap-darpan says to bhao can we live with you until baba comes back?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I would like to know what direction this show is heading?…because am very confused.

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