Bandhan 27th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Bandhan 27th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ria comes to ganesh and says ganesh.. my brother. Ganesh comes near her she says stay there don’t come forward. i brought my home, gave you so much love and what you did? you are mad. you have problem with my mom, raghav and your ruined my engagement, you made fun of me in my in-laws, you have troubled my life since two months. I will kick you out of my life now. Go from here. Bhao is standing there and listening to them. ria says wont you go? She looks at bhao and takes his gun. she points the gun at him. She says go from here before i kill you. Bhao is shocked. Ria fires a shot in the air, ganesh leaves. Raghav shubha and her dad reach there. ria says in heart sorry i had to do this to hide from vishwas rao that i am darpan,

Raghav comes to bhao and says i wanted to tell

you she.. bhao says is not dapan. she is ria. she would never have shot on ganesh if she was darpan. And he is not ganesh. He is some wild animal. There are a lot of elephants in my life. Bhao says apologize me.

Shubha comes and hugs ria. ria says take me from here maa. shubha says are you okay? Her dad says we were so scared when golu took you. ria says thank you so much for taking care of me.her dad says where is golu? Ria says he is gone. I mean i asked him to go. he would mess everything. Raghav comes to ria. Ria recalls what raghav said. she says in heart he pretended to be in love with me to seek revenge. Raghav says ria what are you thinking? Shubha says i think we shouldn’t be hasty about it. there had been too much mess we should postpone the engagement. Ria says engagement will happen today. Shubha says but.. ria says i know you love me and i have to think about you as well. Its about your respect and dignity. Bhao says she is right. lets forget what has happened and move on.

Scene 2
They come to the venue again. Shubha makes raghav eat the sweets. Shubha says i hope you will keep her happy. raghav says i have planned so much for her. Raghav says i heart i will ruin your life with bitterness. Ria says in heart i will return the bitterness youur family has vested in my life. Bhao says you are my daughter from now. ria recalls how he confessed about killing mahesh and prabha. Ria and raghav make each other wear the ring. ria says i promise you will regret your decision. Raghav asks are you okay? i mean you look worried after golu took you. ria says its better that he left. oandit ji says the day after tomorrow is the best for wedding.

bhao says two days are too less to arrange all this, raghav says ria what you want? if you want to get married after six months.. ria says no its too much, i want to get married to you soon. i wanna stay with you. I wanna start a new life with you, ragahv baba we will get married after two days, i and ria are ready. ria’s dad says how will we prepare? bhao says tiger said it so its final. Ria says in the heart this is the only way to seek revenge of my parents. you have to pay for your sins.

Precap-ria says to ganesh i know i hurt you i did this to make bhao sure that we are not darpan and ganesh. we have to seek revenge of our parent’s death.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. something really good happened inthis show……… guys do u agree or not???????????

  2. Yes, i need more of that.

  3. awesome

  4. nothing good has happened in this serial because it has become a whole lot of shit now and bhao is still at large with all his evil doings writers please bring Mahesh back to save darpans life from being destroyed

  5. The battle revenge of the Titans is about to start.Everything about these shows are revenge.Nobody knows that there is a word called forgiveness.



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