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Bandhan 26th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ria comes to ganesh and says i asked you not to come here. before there is more mess go from here. bhao says what is happening here. He says who is this elephant ask him to go from here. Ria says please go ganesh. Bhao says ganesh? Bhao says after 10 years they are in front of me i wont leave them. Sanju asks men to take ganeesh out. Ria says i will handle him he is not mad. Ria says you wanna take me somewhere? ganesh says yes. ria says i will come with you. Shubha says where are you going?

Bhao takes out a gun and says i will kill you. Raghav comes and says baba stop. Bhao says you betrayed me? I trusted you more than i trusted my shadow. I will kill darpan today. He shoves raghav and leaves in his car. Shubha says e shouldn’t stay here we should go after ria.

Ganesh takes ria to the tree. She hears he childhood voices. She says whats happening to me. Ria looks at the monkey on the honey comb. She recalls thanking them Ria says why have you brought me here? What is this place? why i feel like i am related to this place. Bhao is in his car. Ragahv runs after his car. Ria looks here and there.

Ria says what is my relationship with you golu? What is the story hidden from me, I don’t get anything. bhao asks his driver to stop. He sees footsteps on ganesh on the ground. bhao says this story will end today. Darpan and ganesh story will end today.

Ria sees the tree she used to pray at, she is dazed. Her head hurts, she recalls saying my brother has come. everything flashed before her eyes, she sees herself running the forest. Ria is in tears. She recalls naraini dying and she said vishwas rao killed me darpan. I lost please take my son away from here. She recalls vishwas roa confessing his crimes. She recalls mahesh and prabha and how she saw their photos with garlands. She recalls spending time with her family.

Ria sings her childhood song to ganesh. She recalls when he brought her a balloon on rakhi. ria says ganesh my brother. ria is in tears.

Precap-ria says to ganesh since you have met me you have ruined my life, if you don’t move i will shoot you. she takes gun from bhao and points it to ganesh.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. at last, ria regained her memory,good

    1. ooohh at last ria regained her memory and it’s time to teach bhoa a very good leason.

  2. Why the precap is wrong??? It supposed 2 be rao not ria

  3. This is gonna go so nice now!

  4. precap is wrong right…………..?????

  5. i am just loving this show hope it doesnt end up like the others

  6. now is the time to bring out everything in the open and expose bhao so come on darpan start talking get the gun and make bhao confess to all the evil he did and let his son raghave see the type of criminal murdering beast of a father he has bhao has no remorse at all for what he did and so he was willing to kill darpan even now what a family for darpan to get into now is the time to end it and writers please bring back Mahesh some how or the other that will be a good ending

  7. It is so good that Darpan did not get marry to Raghav because his father had an alternative plan for Darpan’s parents.He would have tried to take over their business.Having her memory back will help her to recognize who she really is and where she came from.She may be able to let Raghav know the truth.This story will take a turn inorder to bring some closure to this saga.

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