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Bandhan 25th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shubha says ria you used to see such dreams before. ria says its different this time i feel like this has happened to me before. I felt like i knew how to stop golu. did something happen to me? Shubha says no nothing happened now you should smile.

The arrive at the temple. Bhao asks everyone to go out and welcome them. Shubha says you are goin to start a new life. They take ria in. Shubha says i feel scared. I feel like her past will snatch out today.

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Ria looks at the temple and something flashes before her eyes. RIa steps on the stairs and feels like she has been there before. Bhao says to idol forget

me if i made any mistake. ria listens his voice and recalls him saying crying to God. Bhao says i welcome you all. Khary introduces his family. Bhao God is my best friend. Pandit ji says lets start the pooja. Bhao says come lets start the pooja. All of them sit for the pooja. ria comes and stands with raghav. Ganesh is worried for ria. He recalls when she asked him not to come out. Ria does the pooja with raghav. A man with milk canes slips near ganesh and the lines vanish.

Bhao says lets go and complete the engagement formalities. Ganesh starts moving towards the temple. Bhao asks pinky to bring the rings. pinky gives ring to ria. She makes raghav wear it. Sanju opens the box of raghav and says there is no ring in it. Everyone is shocked, bhao says where is it? Bhao says go find it. sanju comes and says i couldn’t find it anywhere. Bhao says to meethi did you place it? She says i placed it in ths box. Bhao says let me look. He starts rummaging for the ring in temple. bhao finds the ring in the flowers. He comes with it and says i found it. Ganesh is on his way. Bhao gives it to raghav. Raghav is about to make ria wear the ring.someone throws a coconut at his hand and the ring falls down. When they looked out its ganesh. Ria goes to him and says what are you doing here? I asked you not to get out of that line. go from here. what you wanna do? please go before there is more mess. Bhao looks at ganesh in shock,

Precap-ganesh brings ria to jungle she says why have you brought me here? He takes her to the three where she used to pray in childhood.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. What a foolish way to end an episode.

  2. An elephant has more sense and insight than these human actors.Can,t any one visualize that something is wrong.Therefore why would the elephant reacting like this.Writers where is the gist of this story line so far.I am not getting it.What are you telling us that Ganesh is smarter than all the others.I love animals but do not class people with them,if not what are you saying to us that this is bullshit,crap,dung etc,Common get real.

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