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Scene 1
Mahesh says you have to stay here ganehs and take care of darpan. Ganesh nods. Mahesh says don’t worry everything will be fine. he hugs him. Mahehs says you are my best son and world’s best brother. Mahesh extends his handa nd ganesh holds it with his trunk.
Mahesh leaves.

Prabha is hung. Bhao says ranger don’t you love you woman? Come here and save her if you can. You are a paper lion. prabha screams with pain.

Ganesh recalls Mahesh telling him that prabha’s life is in danger. He leaves his place and goes to the temple. Rain starts to fall. Mahesh reaches the cliff bhao and hi men see him coming. dev points gun at him. bhao says look I told you he’d come. Prabha smiles. Mahesh comes and runs to prabha. He takes her down. bhao’s

men try to stop him. bhao says stay back no one will shoot. Prabha hugs Mahesh and is crying. Mahesh says vishwas rao you will have to pay for this. I wont leave you. He point a gun at him. While all of his men are pointing at Mahesh. bhao’s man snatches gun from Mahesh. bhao syas give me the proof and take your life back. darpan says no don’t Mahesh. Mahesh says I am not scared of death. I wont give you that proof whatever you do. DEv says I would have killed your wife but I waited for you because I want my proofs. dapran says don’t give him. Bhao points a gun at prabha.

Darpan says why ai baba are still not back/ She says ganesh open the door. she syas where are you ganesh? ganesh is in forest. she says everyone has left me alone. I think something bad is gonna happen. tell me what should I do. darpan says sorry pap I have to break your promise I know you need my help.

Mahesh says I will give you proof. prabha says no Mahesh. SHe says this is your innocence proof. He says I can live as a culprit but not without you. Darpan runs out. she in in the forest and so I ganesh. Darpan looks for ganesh.

Mahesh gives a card to bhao. Bhao syas thanks. he says I wont have to do all this if you gave it to me easily. He asks dev to check it. Mahesh says let us go now. Mahesh syas lets go prabha. Dev puts the card in his phone. Mahesh and prabha are running. Dev says bhao this card is empty. Mahesh says run prabha. bha fres in the air. Mahesh and prabha stop. bhao says you cheater. people like you made me a thug. mahsh says you are never going to get the proof. do whatever you want to do me just let my wife fgo. bhao points a gun at him. Praha says you cant kill him. If anything happen to him you will be in jail. you should sit in house and wear bangles. bhao shoots Mahesh. Prabha coms in front of him and the bullet gets in her chest. Nmahesh is dazed. darpan feels something. Mahesh makes prabha sit ther. darpan faints. He says no prabha. He says please call doctor she will die/ prabha syas this is what God wants take care of ganesh and darpan. Take care of ganesh. Mahesh says I will call doctor.

Precap-mahesh is fighting with bhao and dev. He beats them all down.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Mahesh look what happed to your wife now if you were trying harder to prove your innocence and not delaying with the evidence your wife would not have been shot. for an experienced ranger you are not handling the situation properly. by now bhao and his thugs should have been in jail or all of them beaten up. start to act like a forest ranger take pattern from walker texas ranger he leaves no stone unturn. come on Mahesh you have wife and daughter to protect if you cannot handle the situation rounds up some other rangers and take down bhao and his thugs so long they framed you and up to now you innocence cannot be proven come on now get moving before it is toooooooooooooooooo late.

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