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Bandhan 24th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Bhao says to raghav i know why you are upset. Ragahv says what you know? Bhao shows him locket and says darpan?

ria is looking for her earring. she says how will i go without earring. kajal says ria i found your old earring. Ria says thanks. ria is going in to get ready. Ganesh stops her. ria says tell me whats the problem? Shubha says ria get ready. Ria says can we take golu? Shubha says no your in laws will be there as well. ria says i am so sorry golu. but thanks, its all because of you, i will tell you everything when we come back.

Bhao says this is the reason of your trouble? you want to take revenge of your mom’s death. God decides everything for us. He will punish darpan as well. but don’t worry everything will be fine. now give me a smile. Raghav smiles.

bhao hugs him and says i will be back. raghav says in heart i should tell baba everything, that she is darpan but i can’t do this. He will kill her at once and i wont be able to seek my revenge.

Ganesh recalls what raghav said to her. Ria says to all her animals i will give you all grand party for my engagement. Ria says thanks golu for making me understand raghav. I have to go now. Ganeshs stops her ria says let me go, i will tell you everything. ria says wont you listen to me? she says i can’t take you everywhere, she sits in the car. ganesh holds the car with his trunk. ria gets out out and says ganesh let me. she syas why i feel like he stopped me like this before. shubha says i will talk to him, ria says i will handle him. ria says please let me go, i am late already. Ganesh release the car. Ria sits in the car, ganesh follows their car. Ria gets out of car and says whats the problem why don’t you understand. She takes a stick and makes a circle around him. she says if you come out of it i wont ever talk to you. She sits in the car and leaves.

Ria is in tears for ganesh. Shubha says why are you upset? Ria says i made a line and he didn’t come out of it. i felt like i did this to him before. I feel like a lot has happened to me before but i don’t understand what. i hear voice, shubha says don’t worry. ria says its different this time. I never felt it before. i feel like this happened to me in childhood, i felt i knew how to stop golu. did this happen to me in childhood?

Precap-ria says golu what you wanna tell me? SHe is in front of that tree. She hears her own voice.s

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. still confusing,pls show something reasonable i mean some thing worth waching this is becoming too ridiculous

  2. Writers what will Raghav gain by trying to destroy Ria.Nothing to gain .why dont you show how Raghav take this pain of loosing his mother and make it something positive so that viewers can learn that negatives bring positives.The story right now does not mean anything.No substance.

  3. like I said this storyline is a whole pack of shit it does not worth watching because up to now evil is prospering bhao kill so many and has not been brought to justice he was running a business killing the elephants and taking their tusks and selling he killed Mahesh wife he killed Mahesh which we never actually saw him dead we just saw him falling he killed naraini and then what was he storyline with Mahesh placing the film in darpans locket for safe keeping so he can expose bhao but never did because bhao got hold of it and so this a*sh*le writer is still writing a pack of shit because this storyline is going around in circles and not getting anywhere now darpan is all grown with no memory of her past and as far as I see she is ending up just like her parents getting the shitty end of everything because she is also being blamed for something she did not do and that is killing naraini so writers explain something to the viewers where is this serial really going because there is no solving of anything in this story it just moves on to one evil and criminal act one after the other and the storyline just changes from one thing to another writers sorry to say but your reputation has gone down to zero and that is this serial has no substance or meaningful storyline we are soooooooooooo frustrated and disappointed I say end this soap now its ratings have gone

  4. :/ i think they are right.

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