Bandhan 21st February 2015 Written Episode Update

Bandhan 21st February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Raghav says to ria you wanna go? Go but before leaving you have to answer me and i promise i wont chase you after that. didn’t you ever have any feelings for me? Not even for a moment? Ria recalls every time he was close to her.she says no. He says don’t you care about me? She says no. He says don’t you wait for me? she says no. He says when i come close to you don’t you feel anything? He says why are you doing this? why are you running from me? Don’t you see my love for you? you want me to go okay i will go but say once while looking in my eyes that you don’t love me. He starts walking away. Ria recalls her moments with him. She says i love you. Raghav hugs her.

Ganesh is outside bhao’s house he recalls when he lived in that house with

darpan. He walks in.
Raghav stops his car, he says ria i know you don’t like to wear seat belts but you have to make it a habit now. Ria says you have to change few habits as well. When a rude person like you becomes a poet i will feel weird. He says you have to bear this rude person all your life.

Kajal comes out and says you both together. Ria says are all my animals back home? Raghav says didn’t you left any in jungle? Kajal says you care about them a lot? Raghav says they helped me a lot, specially golu. ria says where is golu? Kajal says he was with you in jungle. Ria says he left before me. Ria says where can he go? Raghav says don’t worry he will come back. kajal says golu was smart to give you time alone with him, i think i should also go. She leaves, ria says kajal wait, raghav says you are scared to be with me alone? Ria says i am worried for golu. He says golu is smart he will come back. Raghav says i wanna meet your parents, ria says why? he says i want to teach them photography. ria says not again. He says without their permission i can’t marry you. ria says wedding so soon? He says i can’t wait. My dad has given me his consent now we need your parent’s consent. Or do i have to give more tests? ria laughs and says no. Shubha comes and says ria? Ria and raghav are shocked.

Ganesh is in market with raghaav and bhao’s photo. Raghav says to ria’s parents i wanna marry ria. I like her. Shubha says i knew it. But tell me ria why you concealed it from us? Kajal laughs, ria’s dad says we need to meet your family sameer. Raghav says call me raghav that’s what my family calls me. Ria has met my family. baba has said yes for her. baba wants to meet you as well. Now if everything goes well between two families we will do roka. Ria’s says how will we prepare that soon. raghav says leave that up to me, our roka will happen in temple. If we get blessings of you. Shubha says if ria is ready we don’t have any issue, Ganesh comes screaming. Ria says why is he madly screaming? She goes out and says where were you golu? She sees raghav and bhao’s photo. She says what is this? Raghav’s face is hidden behind golu’s trunk. only bhao’s face is shown. Raghav sees it. Ria says why have brought this picture? Raghav says i will tell you. He takes the picture, raghav says whats wrong golu? Raghav says he went to my house and brought my baba’s photo. he wanted to see if his sister will be okay in that house. Golu is a perfect brother ria. Ria says yes he is my brother after all. Raghav says now golu has seen my house and he is satisfied as well. so uncle will you come to temple tomorrow at 10? He says yes. raghav says okay i will be there with my family, we will do roka there. Ganesh screams. ria says i think he wants to tell something. ria says tell me what is it? Raghav says he wants to talk to me. Lets go golu, we will talk in person. Raghav takes ganesh to a side. he says you think you are so smart so your brought this picture. If you were so smart you would have recognized me first day. i am raghav vishwas rao patel. i will take your sister where she ran from. I knew that you are ganehs and ria is darpan. now you would like to know why i did this? 10 years ago she killed my mom and made me an oprphan that day i promised that i will find her and take her where she killed my mom. she ruined my life, now its my turn.

Precap-Raghav says its my roka tomorrow, save your sister’s life if you can. ganesh starts walking towards him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. What the hell is going on.They start this show again with these sad sentiments.Please let Darpan ,that poor orphan stop suffering for what she did not do.

  2. I agree with u Rosey

  3. I really don’t understanding this show anymore…this guy is going to marry Ria just to take revenge on her does that even make sense, is marriage a joke for that idiotic boy it’s a life long commitment i just don’t understand these writers, like they don’t know what to write. Ria loss her memory why Raghav would want to take revenge on her when she can’t speak in defense for herself smh

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