Bandhan 20th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Bandhan 20th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mahesh says I considered him my brother why he did this. prabha says please clam down. Mahesh says he has betrayed his uniform too. He has risked life of all the animals. Panday comes. Mahesh slaps him hard on the face. Mahesh says I considered you my brother, trusted you. You vowed that you will protect the forest. You have betrayed your ownself. You have sold your conscience. panday says stop it Mahesh. Yes I have sold myself. I did this for my family what you did? before pointing qat me look yourself. a loser is the one who doesn’t have anything for his family you are the loser actually. He don’t mess with vishwas you can’t harm him but he will ruin you and your family. Mahesh grasps his shoulder and grunts think about youself. my family is my strength not weakness.

I am not scared of vishwas rao neither of death. I will die but wont betray my work and forest. He says go vishwas rao’s dog. Go and tells your master I will expose him.

Scene 2
Meethi maa is buying saaris. Bhao comes in. Sureya says why you look so happy? Bhao says when you cut both legs of a man he cant attack you. He syas I didn’t get you. Bhao says you don’t need to. Meethi shows bhao saari and says how is this? I will wear it in function. Bhao says you are such and idiot woman. This saari wont convert you from a bull into a deer. Leave now. Meethi throws the saari. Priyali says this will look good on you. meethi throws a saari on her and says this wills uit your standard. you saw that he hurt me so you came to hurt me more. don’t ever speak in front of me. Meethi leaves. Sureya swipes her tears and hugs her.

pabha says to Mahesh vishwas rao is so dangerous. you me darpan and ganesh will leave this place. Think about darpan. He can harm us. Mahesh we have to expose the truth. Prabha says death is hovering over us. She says I will pack the stuff we will leave. We will go to a place where vishws cant come. Mahesh sys its easy to run but we have to fight. how will you conceal from your ownself? Maybe they might kill us but we have to face everything. Today lose can’t be tomorrow’s win. Trust me. Give me some time I will make everything all right. He extends his hand. Prabha holds his hand. Mahesh leaves.

prabha comes to darpan and says come here. You and ganesh should go to ganno sahib and don’t come until I come to pick you up. darpan syas we have to decorate. Darpan says please do as I say. Darpan says why ? prabha says I have a surprise there for you. You wont be able to find it until you go there. darpan and ganesh leave. Prabha hugs her. darpan says are you crying? Prabha syas I have to go and help baba. you have to be careful. She turns to ganesh and says take care of darpan. she caress him. They leave. Mahesh goes to the office of Zee news. darpan and ganesh are in jungle. ganesh is acting weird. darpan says what happened to you now? ai syas we have to wait for her. she has surprise for us. Mahesh gives the editor his card and says can you telecast it today? He syas yes.

someone enters the house with a gun. He points the gun at prabha. She turns back. Its vishwas rao. Bhao syas pardon me but I had to do this. You look in a hurry. All his men, dev and panday come in. bhao says have your husband ran? Or you are running after your husband?

panday calls Mahesh. Mahesh says how dare you to call me? panday gives the phone to bhao. bhao says Rambo whom are you running from? prabha screams Mahesh please save me.

Precap-bhao says come and save your wife. darpan says should we go home? Bhao says there will be two news in t paper tomorrow one of ruin and other of death.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I am sooo confused!!! I thought this show was going to be innocence and a focus on the bond between and animal and family…..what is all this rubbish about murder, etc. . Where has the innocence which brought me to being a fan of this show gone?!?!? Frustrated

  2. it is about time vishwa get whats coming how dare he keep entering another man house when he is not there. I hope Mahesh gets the proof he needs to put vishwa and his nephew away for good. vishwa is a very bad man all he wants to do is destroy the animals in the jungle and he do not care who he has to kill in order to do that. Mahesh you are moving too slow and stupid in a case like this you do not trust anyone how could you not have a copy of the video your say you trust that police and look what he did vishwa buy him over. Mahesh get smart and move more responsible you have a family to take care of you cannot allow vishwa to hurt any of them so Mahesh step up and take charge before it is tooooooooooooooooooo late.

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