Bandhan 20th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Bandhan 20th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Pinky is showing meethi creams to order? meethi says i don’t know the name but order the one kajal uses. The girl will use it here but i want to use it before her. Pinky says in heart what cream with help in this age. she says i have ordered it. Sanju comes in, couting the money. meethi takes it from him and says how did you know i was buying a cream? Sanju takes the money back and says i have to give it to baray papa for raghav’s wedding. meethi says don’t do s much for him. Ragahv comes in, Pinky asks what happened to your feet, he says nothing. He says i slipped. Sanju says how you feet get injured? is there some problem regarding ria? Raghav says there is no such thing. sanju says are we going to ria’s house tomorrow for shagun. solve the confusions you have. raghav says there are no problems.

Scene 2
Ria thinks about what raghav did last night. Ria syas golu leave me alone for some time. He throws water on her. RIa throws some on him as well. They start playing. Ria sits on him. Raghav comes and says you look good while smiling. Ria says what are you doing here? He says i will sit on golu as well. RIa says don’t let him golu. He lets him sit. Raghav sits with ria on golu. ria says what you want? he says i want you. tell me how can i make you trust that i love you. He says i don’t know what can i do. I am straight forward and i love you so much. ria says now stop it please. She says stop here golu. raghav says he wont. ganesh doesn’t stop. Raghav says you know golu how much i love her. Ria says lets go from here. Ganesh leaves the, both alone. ria starts walking as well. There is a rabbit there. Raghav says what are you doing here? RIa says whom were you talking to. Ria sees that its her rabbit, she starts running after it.

Ganesh goes to raghav’s car and takes out his bag, he takes out the stuff. raghav’s photo with bhao flies. Ganesh picks his ID card. Ria comes to a place where two horses are standing holding placard of i love you. Raghav says this i what i wanted to tell you. kajal comes there ria says you are with him as well? kajal says i just want you to see his love. Ria leaves in anger.

Precap-Ria says i love you to raghav in jungle. Raghav hugs her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. This soap is out of order

  2. So is the writers or writer

  3. this soap does not make sense still trying to understand it writers what script writing school did you attend everything in this soap is soooooooooo mixed up it is beyond being a puzzle

  4. These writers are trying to make the amount of episodes by trying to stretch this show.What type of love/hate relationship is this.I really cannot comprehend the gist of this tattered writing.To me the Pakistani serials are much better than the Indian serials.The irony is ,Raghav wants to punish Darpan but wants to marry her to do this .He is crazy, and mentally challenged.I think the minds of some of these writers are all over the place to be writing these elementary stories .These are one day shows and not to be run as serials.They do not have that ability to bring it .Go and do some reviews on your study and see how you can improve your writing skills.

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