Bandhan 1st April 2015 Written Episode Update

Bandhan 1st April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Bhao points the gun at ganesh. darpan comes in front of him. bhao is shocked. He sees that woman, he saw in hospital. then she turns into darpan. She starts moving towards him. He says how you came here? i killed you. you are her doppelganger. his men say bhao there is no girl here. darpan says they can’t see. i told you that you are done with your sins. i wont leave this world until i seek revenge of my parent’s death. Bhao says if you move forward i will shoot your brother. Strong winds start to blow. The gun falls form bhao’s hand. After a while darpan and ganesh both vanish. bhao says where is he gone? go find him.

Raghav is sleeping he recalls darpan in hospital and what meethi said. He sits down and says what is happening, i am not getting it. doctor told me

darpan has expired and she was here in this house according to meethi? Is she alive or dead? He hears darpan’s voice.

Bhao comes home. He is confused. He says she was darpan? i will find her and kill her. how many times do i have to kill one girl. He hears meethi doing pooja. She is doing pooja in front of ganesh. Raghav comes out and looks for darpan. He follows her voice. He sees pinky talking to someone, pinky says bahbhi he was really worried for you. take this i am going to my room Raghav asks pinky whom were you talking to? She says ria. Raghav says ria? He goes in kitchen after her.

pinky says to meethi raghav and baba are behaving so weird today. Raghav goes on road and see ria sitting in a cab. Bhao recalls ria dying and seeing her in jungle. he says this is out of my mind. i would have killed ganesh if meethi wasn’t there. Raghav follows her, he says darpan stop. darpan comes to the same hospital. She goes in dev’s room. Raghav comes there she vanishes. dev is in his senses. raghav says what are you doing here? how did all this happened? this means darpan was right. who are you? dev says i am dev, i had to lie because i was bound. its about life of my daughter. he has my daughter he will kill her. I will die if something happens to my daughter. Raghav says dev kaka? nothing will happen to her. where is she? Dev says vishwas rao has abducted her. Dev says i know he wont leave anyone he will kill everyone. Ragav why would he kill his niece? you can only help me, i wanna know reality of what darpan said.
Raghav says she kept saying that bhao killed her parents, my ai and kajri. i will save your daughter but i wanna know the truth. dev says he wont harm you because you are his blood? raghav says blood? dev says you are bhao and naraini’s son. Raghav is dazed. dev says he is your real dad. raghav says why he concealed it from me? someone shoots dev. Raghav says dev kaka.. but he is dead.

precap-raghav runs after the sniper and asks who sent you and asked you to kill dev? He says vishwas rao.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. Dis show is confusing

  3. I don’t understand what is going on can some one explain it to me please

  4. Is darpan dead

  5. it ws good…

  6. i too dont understand it…. the writers r joking upon audience…. darpan vanishes into thin air….. bhao sees some othr lady in place of darpan….god knows what wud be the futr of this show….
    writers cud hav some what in this way… that instead of darpan some other lady ought to be killed by bhao… darpan escapes….and then haunt bhao as ghost with the help of ganesh….make him fear of her… respecting laws….make him admit his crime in front of everyone…then getting arrested…karnik officer alive…giving evidence against bhao… happy reunion of the family…happy ending with ganesh…..
    if so den surely bandan will make the veiwers to create a new bandhan with the story..

  7. I think Ganiya is taking the form of Darpan she’s maybe somewhere else it’s about time bhao is exposed he’s getting away with too much

  8. Is darpan dead someone please reply

  9. what is really going on in this serial why darpan had to die and come back as a spirit in order for bhao to be exposed why could it not have been another way like her father came back and join forces with her and they both bring down bhao because this way is nonsensical in other words evil took presidence over good which is not a good message to the public and children who watches this serial everyone that bhao got intact with died without their family find out who their killer was bhao even Mahesh is innocence was never proven and both he and his wife died leaving their daughter darpan at the hands of evil dirty bhao and now she toooooooooo has gone only to be back as a spirit I do not know what shit these writers are coming up with imagine ria/darpan is dead and he adopted parents do not even know this what shit is this let it be a dream for darpan and bring her back this serial cannot end this way please writers we are so disgusted with the whole serial

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